"What sets Free Fire apart from other battle royale games is its compatibility with low-end devices": Bhavesh "TSG Legend" Lakhwani

TSG Legend is a professional Free Fire gamer (Image via Sportskeeda)
TSG Legend is a professional Free Fire gamer (Image via Sportskeeda)
Debolina Banerjee

The battle royale mobile gaming world is dominated by Free Fire and BGMI. Both games have their fair share of gamers who dream of making it big in the esports world.

Bhavesh “Legend” Lakhwani is one of the rising professional players in the mobile gaming world. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, TSG Legend talks about his love for Free Fire, the joy of being a part of TSG Army, and more.

Q. Hello Bhavesh! Tell us about your journey in esports and what you used to pursue before you took up gaming professionally.

Bhavesh: My journey in esports has been amazing, but I have had to struggle a lot as well. Before taking up gaming professionally, I focused on studies that I still pursue alongside gaming.

Q. Do you think that middle-aged to senior Indians can get out of the stereotypical notion of perceiving mobile gaming as the necessary evil? Do you think the mindset of Indians has changed towards gaming in the past two years?

Bhavesh: For now, I think senior Indians, including our parents or relatives, perceive gaming to be a necessary evil. However, if they think deeply, they will understand that gaming can very well be a career option.

Yes, the mindset of some percentage of Indians has changed positively towards gaming in the past two years.

Q. Do you think that the ban of PUBG Mobile had an effect on the popularity of Free Fire?

Bhavesh: Yes, PUBG Mobile’s ban did play a small role in the popularity of Free Fire. However, it does not matter much because both the games are based on different themes and have different play styles. So if a PUBG Mobile player is searching for a new game, they will never choose Free Fire due to the dissimilarities.

Q. Now that PUBG New State and Apex Legends Mobile is going to be released soon, do you think Free Fire’s enhanced title, Free Fire MAX, can match up to the hype and popularity of the other two battle royale titles? Will the release of the two games impact the Free Fire audience?

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Bhavesh: Yes, Free Fire Max can match the other two battle royale games as it has improved graphics and other exciting features.

Since both games have different themes and mechanics, they will not impact the Free Fire audience despite belonging to the same battle royale category.

Q. What is it about Free Fire that sets it aside from other popular battle royale games?

Bhavesh: One of the main aspects that make Free Fire unique from other battle royale games is that it can run smoothly on almost all devices.

Q. Since most mobile gamers who play Free Fire professionally have an aggressive stance, is there a stigma around passive playstyle that needs to be broken?

Bhavesh: As far as I know, there is no stigma around passive playstyle. Every player plays according to the situation they are in. For example, in a ranked match, a player will play for kills taking an aggressive stance, whereas, in tournaments, players play passively and try to stay alive till the last zone to get position as well as the placement points.

Q. You are part of one of the best Free Fire rosters, TSG Army. What is the best aspect of being a part of such a roster? With whom is your synergy the best?

Bhavesh: The best part about being in TSG Army is that all players have great experiences in their fields that help me learn all about snipping, fragging, and more.

I have the best synergy with TSG Ritik as we have known each other for a very long time. We used to be guildmates before, and now we are teammates!

Q. You recently won the Snapdragon Conquest: Free Fire Pro Series Season 2. Who was the toughest competitor? Is winning in every tournament necessary for a player to establish himself professionally?

Bhavesh: All the teams played very well, but the toughest competitor was Blind Esports.

No, winning is not always the key. Sometimes you need to lose so that you can learn from your mistakes and work on them.

Q. You also have a YouTube channel named “TSG LEGEND” that recently hit the one-million-subscribers mark. How long did it take you to reach this milestone? How do you plan on making your channel grow?

Bhavesh: I have been working hard on my channel for the past two years, and now I have reached the mark of one million subscribers.

There was not much planning regarding the growth of the channel. I just focused on esports and posted good clutches and gameplays alongside.

Q. Would you like to share some words of wisdom with the budding esports players who want to make it big in the professional scenario?

Bhavesh: To reach the upper tiers in esports, you need to work hard on your gameplay. If you perform well in an event, you may get picked up by a good Free Fire roster. So grinding is the key!

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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