Pahadi Gamer's Free Fire ID, stats, real name, guild, earnings, and best videos

Pahadi Gamer's ID in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Pahadi Gamer's ID in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Lokesh Karakoti, otherwise recognized as Pahadi Gamer, is an immensely popular figure in the Indian Free Fire community. He is a professional esports athlete and represents Team Elite, which Orangutan Esports recently signed.

Pahadi Gamer also produces content on YouTube, where he has managed to accumulate approximately 1.37 million subscribers. In addition, he has over 87.786 million views on his videos. Here’s a look at his ID and other details.

Pahadi Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, and guild

Pahadi Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 147098967. He is the leader of the PAHADIARMY guild, whose ID number is 63508665.

Lifetime stats

Pahadi Gamer’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)
Pahadi Gamer’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Pahadi Gamer has played 22447 squad matches and has 5473 first-place finishes, which leads to a win percentage of 24.38%. With 72345 kills, he has maintained a K/D ratio of 4.26.

He has 2034 appearances in duo games and has outclassed his enemies in 229 of them, maintaining a win rate of 11.25%. The player has accumulated 4420 frags, upholding a K/D ratio of 2.45.

Finally, Pahadi Gamer has competed in 1673 solo games and has come out on top on 276 occasions, translating to a win ratio of 16.49%. With a K/D ratio of 4.18, he has 5841 kills.

Ranked stats

Pahadi Gamer’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)
Pahadi Gamer’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

When it comes to ranked stats, Pahadi Gamer has only played ranked squad games. He has 23 wins in 137 matches, resulting in a win rate of 16.78%. The esports athlete has 664 kills for a K/D ratio of 5.82.

Note: These stats were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change.


Pahadi Gamer’s income (Image via Social Blade)
Pahadi Gamer’s income (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, Lokesh Karakoti’s monthly and yearly earnings from his channel are estimated to be between $534 - $8.5K and $6.4K - $102.6K, respectively.

Best videos

Three of the most-viewed videos on Pahadi Gamer’s channel stand at 4.3 million views, 3.2 million views, and 2 million views. Users can have a look at them below:

1) Grandmaster In 18 Hours With Team Elite

2) Amitbhai Vs Pahadi || 1 vs 1 || Clash Squad In Free Fire || Pahadigaming

3) Double Booyah In 1 Game 😱 - Garena Free Fire

YouTube channel

Pahadi Gamer is well renowned for his fantastic and jaw-dropping gameplay videos, which he regularly uploads to his YouTube channel. He has grown immensely over a relatively small period of time, and within the last 30 days, he has gained 10 thousand subscribers and 2.137 million views.

Aside from that, he has another channel called Pahadi Gaming, where he posts content on Free Fire.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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