PUBG New State (Mobile) vs Free Fire: 3 major differences between the games

PUBG New State vs Free Fire
PUBG New State vs Free Fire
Nishant Thakkar

Krafton Inc recently announced a new addition to the PUBG franchise on Android and iOS platforms - PUBG: New State. The game’s official trailer has been released, and pre-registration is currently underway on the Play Store.

New State is coming into the field with serious competition. Another prominent title in the battle royale genre is Free Fire. It has garnered an extensive player base that religiously plays the title. Moreover, it has unique aspects pets with abilities.

This article highlights a few of the differences between PUBG New State and Garena Free Fire.


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PUBG New State (Mobile) vs Free Fire: Differences

Weapon customization feature

(Image via PUBG New State / Facebook)
(Image via PUBG New State / Facebook)

PUBG New State will have a unique weapon customization feature that will enable users to modify and create their own weapons. The details haven’t been released yet. But the press release mentioned the following:

“A new in-game weapon customization feature, players can make various weapons their own by obtaining customization kits. These kits will transform weapons in different ways, such as performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments.”

Free Fire has advanced weapons that come pre-equipped with several attachments. However, this appears to be different from the users' attachments.

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Futuristic equipment and number of players

(Image via Google Play Store)
(Image via Google Play Store)

PUBG New State is based in 2051 and will have numerous futuristic items, including drones, ballistic shields, combat rolls, and more. The Play Store description of the title reads the following:

“Enjoy a variety of tools and features, including drones, combat rolls, and more.”

Free Fire doesn’t offer users any such similar items.

Like most other battle royale games, PUBG New State would have 100 players in a BR game, with the last survivor/team emerging as the ‘Lone Survivor.’

Free Fire is a fast-paced action title that features 50 users parachuting onto an island to claim the "Booyah!" by eliminating others.

Characters and pets

Characters in Free Fire
Characters in Free Fire

Characters and pets have become one of the essential parts of Garena Free Fire. Developers of the game periodically add new content to the game that keeps the title fresh. Currently, the title has around 37 unique characters and 13 distinct pets.

It's unlikely that PUBG New State would have something similar. I definitely would not have pets.

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