Free Fire MAX Football Scorer themed items leaked

New football-themed collectibles have been leaked (Image via Garena)
New football-themed collectibles have been leaked (Image via Garena)

Garena planned a plethora of content for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX users following the release of OB37 in November 2022. Players got to witness the rollout of rewards from the FFWS 2022 series alongside some football-themed prizes. Furthermore, Garena is also going to add new events via the "Goodbye EP series."

However, some leaks regarding the rumored Football Scorer-themed content have surfaced online courtesy of some leakers and data miners. The leaks revealed items that players might be able to see in the game via the rumored football-themed events, as Football Squad mode is also expected to arrive on December 2, 2022.

Free Fire MAX expected to welcome Football Scorer-themed collectibles, including emotes and costumes

Besides the items, various data miners have also leaked the interface for an upcoming event. The rumored event might be based on the forthcoming Football Squad mode, which is confirmed to arrive on December 2. The exclusive collectibles that many have spotted via the leaks are listed below:

  • CBF White Jersey Bundle
  • Magenta Striker Bundle from Potential brand
  • Flaming Glory Profile Avatar
  • Flaming Glory Profile Banner
  • Trophy Case Loot Box
  • Knee Slide entry emote
  • Steel Striker Backpack
  • Grenade - Magenta Football (Legendary item)
  • Gloo Wall - Steady Goal

The upcoming event, based around soccer, is rumored to be titled Football Fable, and is expected to commence on December 2 and last until December 19. It will feature Daily Missions, Exchange Store, and special rewards via Peak Day Login on December 10, 2022.

Other leaks around the Free Fire MAX Hall of Elites

Besides the Football Fable event and various soccer-themed rewards, rumors around the forthcoming Free Fire MAX Hall of Elites have also started making rounds. Per the leaks, the upcoming event from the "Goodbye EP" series is expected to go live on December 9.

As part of the Hall of Elites event, fans will be able to witness the return of items from past Elite Pass Seasons. According to the rumors, the rewards will launch in the game in chronological order through intervals.

The rewards from EP Season 1 to 18 will start arriving from December 9, while the collectibles from Elite Pass Season 19 to Season 36 will become available from December 16.


As mentioned, Hall of Elites is a part of the "Goodbye EP" series, which Garena has introduced to celebrate the Elite Pass in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. Elite Pass Season 55, available for free in the game right, will be the last one, and Garena will replace it with Booyah Pass in January 2023.

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