Free Fire OB37 Gloo Walls, emotes, and arrival animations leaked

Leaks for the upcoming Free Fire OB37 collectibles (Image via Sportskeeda)
Leaks for the upcoming Free Fire OB37 collectibles (Image via Sportskeeda)

Every Free Fire update brings new features and optimizations to the game, and the latest OB37 patch is no exception. Fans got to witness the rollout of interesting additions like Zombie Hunt mode, Arvon pet, Trogon shotgun, and many more. At the same time, Garena introduced new events alongside various in-game adjustments.

Like any other version, the new content will keep rolling out for weeks, and fans can expect new introductions to the game. Recent leaks have pointed to the addition of Gloo Wall skins, emotes, and arrival animations to FF OB37. The following section will reveal more details about the recent leaks of new collectibles.

Free Fire OB37: New leaks revealed the addition of Gloo Wall skins, emotes, and arrival animations

A plethora of new items have been seen in leaked videos posted recently by various data miners and leakers. This rumored list of items, including many FFWS 2022-themed collectibles, will be making its way to Free Fire and will include the following:


  • Reindeer Float
  • Bamboo Dance
  • Dance of Constellation (FFWS 2022-themed)
  • Trophy Grab (FFWS 2022-themed)
  • Starry Hands (FFWS 2022-themed)
  • Yum
  • Happy Dancing
  • Juggle
  • Neon Sign


  • Guardian Drachen (FFWS 2022-themed) -- (Already launched in the game through Faded Wheel at the time of writing this article)
  • Black Hole (FFWS 2022-themed)
  • Stay Frosty
  • Knee Slide

Gloo Walls

  • Gloo Wall - Galactic Protection (FFWS 2022-themed) -- (Already launched in the game in Galaxy Hyperbook at the time of writing this article)
  • Gloo Wall - Cannibal Nightmare
  • Gloo Wall - Navy Starsea (FFWS 2022-themed)
  • Gloo Wall - Golden Angel
  • Gloo Wall - Future Flex
  • Gloo Wall - Steady Goal
  • Gloo Wall - Animal Rascal
  • Gloo Wall - Floral Flair
  • Gloo Wall - Mischief Town

The majority of the items listed above will come with a price tag of a certain number of diamonds. However, only players who have already updated their game to the OB37 version can access the new content in Free Fire or Free Fire MAX.

Here's how one can install the latest OB37 patch update on their Android or iOS devices:

Step 1: Open the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone/tablet (depending on whether you use an iOS/iPadOS device or an Android one).

Step 2: Use the search box to find Free Fire and choose the relevant result.

Step 3: Click on the "Update" or "Install" button to download the OB37 update.

Step 4: Once the download concludes, the update will get installed automatically. Launch the game after the installation.

Step 5: Download any additional update files and log into the game.

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