Tips to use Free Fire Gloo wall like a pro

Gloo wall Skin in Free Fire (Image Credit: Meifron/Twitter)
Gloo wall Skin in Free Fire (Image Credit: Meifron/Twitter)
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Garena Free Fire lets the players develop their own playstyle and play according to their mindset. If you are an aggressive player, you can rush onto your enemy using Gloo walls. If you have a defensive mindset, Gloo walls can aid to your safety and help you survive.

Gamers who haven't tried Free Fire might not be aware of this item in the game. Gloo Grenade is essentially an item which can be thrown/placed to get a cover (Gloo wall). These Gloo walls can tip the scales in your favour if you know how to use them efficiently.

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While the purpose of this item is quite evident, its mastery is hard to achieve. In this article, we discuss several tips that will help you in getting the maximum output from Gloo walls.

Tips for Gloo wall in Garena Free Fire

Tip #1- Crouch Placing: Most of the players place Gloo walls while standing. Gloo walls can be executed to perfection by placing them in a crouching stance. This will help you retreat an enemy push as the enemy would not expect you to be in a crouch position.

Tip #2- Aggressive Placement Gloo Walls: Ever had an enemy who was camping in the next house and whom you cannot push? Well, here's a solution to that. Gloo wall can be placed at such an angle that it picks enemies from the corner and brings them in front of you.

Gloo Wall skins in Garena Free Fire (Image Credit: Wa Daw/YT)
Gloo Wall skins in Garena Free Fire (Image Credit: Wa Daw/YT)

Tip #3- Heighted Gloo Walls: As the height of the Gloo wall cannot be changed, your opponent has an advantage of getting an easy headshot while you're in cover. This could be frustrating for some players. The most obvious solution to this problem is crouching. But if you place a second Gloo wall just above the initial Gloo wall, it would be impossible for your enemy to gain an advantage.

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Tip #4- Fake Gloo wall placement: Fake Gloo walls are highly prevalent in competitive matches. They project a pseudo location of yours in the final play zones. All you need to do is place a Gloo wall, and move to a cover guarding it. Thus, if an enemy rushes onto the wall, you'll be able to spot them easily.

Tip #5- Practice Custom Matches: Practice is the key to success. Practice strategic Gloo walls in custom matches and try to place them as fast as possible. This will improveyour muscle memory.

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