Top 3 overpowered Free Fire characters who had to be nerfed multiple times

These characters were indeed overperforming some time ago (Image via Sportskeeda)
These characters were indeed overperforming some time ago (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Sanjiv Jaiswal

Characters are a vital part of the popular shooter, Free Fire. They possess unmatched abilities, which significantly affect users' gameplay. Thus, choosing an ideal character comes as a top priority before entering battle.

As per players' assessments, to maintain balance in the battlegrounds, the developers usually alter the attributes of a few characters with every significant update (OB update). While some characters are buffed, few are nerfed due to overpowering performances.

Disclaimer: Due to a government-assessed ban, players from India should avoid playing Free Fire. They should play the MAX variant instead.

Three overwhelming Free Fire characters whose abilities were nerfed for stable gameplay environment

3) Wukong


Skill: Camouflage (active)

Current ability

With a cooldown time (CD) of 200 seconds, when activating Wukong's Camouflage ability, the user gets transformed into a bush with a 20% reduced movement speed. In this state, the user becomes harder to target. The transformation should end if the user attacks.

Amazingly, the long-lasting CD resets when Wukong takes down an enemy. Users should note that the kill does not need to be confirmed to reset the CD. Also, the entire effect lasts for 15 seconds only.

Ability changes

Camouflage got a significant buff in the OB27 update. i.e., resetting the prolonged CD when taking down an enemy. This made it extremely overpowered, and Wukong as an opponent was often becoming invincible in short-range combat.

Consequently, the developers had to limit his powers. After the OB30 update, the movement speed was decreased by 20% while in bush form. Despite having a slight nerf, Wukong is still arguably the strongest character in Free Fire.

2) Maxim


Skill: Gluttony (passive)

Current ability

With Maxim's Gluttony ability, the speed of eating mushrooms and using medkits increases by 25%.

Ability changes

Maxim was a must-use character in matches, especially in Clash Squad modes before the Free Fire OB31 update, due to his 40% increased speed of utilizing major healing items. However, after this update, the pace was reduced to 30%.

Once again, in the subsequent OB32 iteration, the pace was reduced from 30% to 25%. Due to this, Maxim fans have become disappointed.

1) Chrono


Skill: Time Turner (active)

Current ability

With a CD of 120 seconds, Chrono's Time Turner creates an impenetrable force field capable of blocking 800 damage. The field lasts for only six seconds. However, it should be remembered that players from inside it cannot attack outside of it and vice-versa.

Ability changes

The OB31 update was a nightmare for Chrono users. Before this, Chrono was on everyone's lips, but that changed after the update on 1 December 2021.

Though the CD time was somewhat reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds and damage blocking capacity and effective time were increased, the following two key attributes were completely pulled off from him:

  • Ability to fire at opponents from inside the force field.
  • The boost in the movement speed when activating the skill.

Note: Free Fire character abilities described above are at their maximum level. Also, this article reflects the opinion of the author.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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