Top 3 reasons why Free Fire players should pick D-Bee character for rank push

D-Bee character in Free Fire
D-Bee character in Free Fire

D-Bee is the latest addition to the collection of 40 characters. Free Fire never ceases to amaze players with its huge range of characters. Except for the default characters, each one has its own unique ability.

Since the StreetBeat Top Up event is still ongoing, players can acquire D-Bee for free. All they have to do is top-up 100 diamonds. The event will draw to a close on July 13th, 2021.

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Why should players pick D-Bee character for ranked matches in Free Fire?

1) D-Bee’s ability

D-Bee's ability in Free Fire
D-Bee's ability in Free Fire

D-Bee possesses a passive ability called Bullets Beat. Players have increased movement speed and accuracy while firing an enemy when moving.

At the base level, the movement speed increases by 5%, and accuracy is boosted by 10%. At the maximum level, the movement speed is boosted by 15%, and the accuracy is amped up by 35%.

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2) Gameplay


D-Bee is meant for players who have an aggressive style of gameplay. Since both speed and accuracy are boosted, players will kill enemies while moving with comparative ease. Beginners who have difficulty aiming can always go for D-Bee as the character helps to improve the accuracy of players.

3) Character Combinations

Players can pair D-Bee with Jai
Players can pair D-Bee with Jai

Players can combine the skills of D-Bee with other formidable characters in Free Fire to get the best results. Mobile gamers can opt for Jai as his ability helps in refilling the gun's ammunition once the player can finish off his enemy.

Mobile gamers can opt for Xayne and Alok to form a strong squad while pushing enemies. Xayne is effective in short-range combat, while Alok is one of the best choices for aggressive gameplay.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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