Top 5 Free Fire character abilities for Squad mode

Use these Free Fire characters during a squad match to improve the odds of winning (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use these Free Fire characters during a squad match to improve the odds of winning (Image via Sportskeeda)

Unlike solo matches in Free Fire, where players have to be self-reliant, in squad matches, they can depend on their teammates for help. When it comes to support in combat, a few characters in-game stand out from the rest.

Their abilities are perfect for team fights and provide numerous tactical benefits. If used correctly, these options can significantly improve the odds of securing a Booyah in every match.


These Free Fire characters are well-suited for squad matches

5) DJ Alok


DJ Alok's ability, Drop the Beat, allows users to heal the entire squad in battle. When activated, an aura forms for 10 seconds and heals teammates for 5HP/second. Additionally, their movement speed is also increased by 15% for the duration. Once used, the ability takes 45 seconds to cool down.

This ability will heal the entire team during a squad fight and get them back into the fight faster. Additionally, with the movement speed bonus, the team will be able to reposition or escape from tough fights if needed.

4) Moco


Moco's ability, Hacker's Eye, allows gamers to spot targets and mark them during battle. When the user has shot an enemy, they get marked for 5 seconds. This information is also shared with the entire squad.

In battle, this ability allows the entire squad to spot the enemy and take action as needed. Additionally, Free Fire players using Maro's power will be able to deal extra damage due to the mark.

3) Notora


Notora's ability, Racer's Blessing, allows players to heal on the move. When driving, users and all teammates within the vehicle will recover 5HP every 2 seconds. The healing effects do not stack.

In theory, this ability will allow the team to recover HP passively simply by driving about. Rather than using medkits or inhalers, this method is a great alternative to use in Free Fire.

2) Clu


Clu's ability, Tracing Steps, can help users locate nearby opponents. It has an effective range of 70 meters and lasts for 7.5 seconds. Once used, it has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the ability does not work on opponents in the squat or prone position.

Also, the information is shared with the entire team, making it highly beneficial during an intense gunfight. Opponents will not be able to sneak past undetected or flank-attack the squad.

1) Dimitri


Dimitri's ability, Healing Heartbeat, enables gamers to heal teammates and make them self-reliant. When activated, it creates an aura within which players can recover 3HP/second and self-revive themselves if needed. Once the ability is used, it takes 60 seconds to cool down.

The ability to self-revive will be invaluable to any team in Free Fire as it will allow users to get back up on their own. This will enable teammates to focus on the gunfight rather than rush to help up their comrades.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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