Top 5 Free Fire drop locations to improve K/D ratio with aggressive gameplay

Best places to land for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best places to land for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Kill/Death ratio in Free Fire (also called the K/D ratio) is essential for players to climb the ranks effectively. A good K/D ratio is a sign of an excellent Free Fire gamer.

Players who want to increase their K/D ratio must have an aggressive approach towards the gameplay. There are three Battle Royale maps in Free Fire named Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory.

Disclaimer: There are multiple places where players can land, and this article is based on the writer's preference.

Best places to land to increase K/D ratio in Free Fire

1. Bimasakti Strip (Bermuda)


This is one of the most popular drop sites in Bermuda. Located towards the center of the map, this place is often a top pick to avoid the danger zone. Players will get their fair share of enemies to kill here.

2. Katulistiwa (Bermuda)

Katulistiwa in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)
Katulistiwa in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)

Katulistiwa is a small group of buildings towards the left of the Bimasakti Strip in Bermuda. Players tend to go towards these buildings after landing in Bimsakti. Free Fire gamers can land here and collect essential supplies before other players flock in.

3. Refinery (Kalahari)


This place is often considered to be dangerous as it is towards the middle of the Kalahari map. Aggressive gamers can seize the opportunity and push their opponents right after picking up a gun. Players can also find top-tier loots in the region.

4. Brasilia (Purgatory)


Purgatory does not have great places to land, except for Brasilia. This place is also considered a hot-drop location as it is located near the middle of the map. Players can equip themselves with powerful weapons before taking on enemies.

5. Pochinok (Bermuda)


Pochinok is the equivalent of Pochinki in PUBG Mobile’s Erangel. Located towards the southern portion of the map, the houses and compounds of Pochinok offer good loot to its players. Free Fire gamers can take their position in the buildings and snipe from afar while other players sprint from house to house.

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