Top 5 Free Fire MAX character abilities for locating enemies (July 2022)

Free Fire MAX character abilities for locating enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)
Free Fire MAX character abilities for locating enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire MAX offers a lot of amazing in-game mechanics that make the gameplay exciting and fun. The game has become extremely popular and receives regular updates from the developers. It provides an astonishing battle royale experience with HD quality graphics and immersive dynamics.

Characters are one of the most important parts of Free Fire MAX, and there are over 30 different characters in the game, each with their own unique special skills. These characters offer different skills like healing, force fields, and locating the enemy's positioning on the battlefield.

This article discusses the five best characters with enemy location abilities in Free Fire MAX.

Top 5 Free Fire MAX abilities that can detect the location of enemies

5) Riptide Rhythm


Skyler is one of the cool-looking characters in Free Fire MAX and has the Riptide Rhythm skill. This skill unleashes a sonic wave on the map, which can damage or destroy up to five gloo walls in a single blow.

This will help players catch their opponents off-guard who are hiding behind the gloo walls. Players can easily defeat them and get the Boooyah for themselves. The character is priced at 499 diamonds in the shop.

4) Enigma's Eye


Moco is one of the newest characters available for players to purchase in the game. She also offers an amazing skill that is handy to locate enemy players on the map. Her skill is called Hacker's Eye or Enigma's Eye.

This skill helps the player tag the enemy for 2 seconds after shooting them. The information on the enemy player's position is shared with teammates. Players can upgrade the character to a higher level to reduce the cooldown period and increase the skill duration.

3) Damage Delivered


Shirou has an impressive skill called Damage Delivered. When the player is hit by an enemy from within 80m, the enemy attacker is marked for 6s. However, the marking is only visible to the skill user.

Players can share the enemy's location with their teammates and devise strategies to eliminate them. The first shot on the marked enemy has 50% additional armor penetration. The skill has a cooldown period of 25 seconds.

2) Memory Mist


Otho is another great character for players to locate enemy positions in the game. His skill is called Memory Mist, and with this skill, the position of enemies within a range of 25m is revealed after an enemy has been eliminated. The information is shared with teammates.

This skill is very handy to quickly take down opponents in close-combat as their positions are visible to the whole squad. The character is available for 599 diamonds in the store.

1) Tracing Steps


Clu is one of the best characters for locating opponents' positions in Free Fire MAX. She offers an amazing skill called Tracing Steps. This ability allows the player to locate the position of enemies within a radius of 50 meters who are not in a prone or squat position.

At its initial level, the skill lasts for 5 seconds. Players can boost the skill capability by upgrading the character, which increases the location distance to 75 meters, and the skill duration also increases from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

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