5 best Free Fire MAX pets to get for rush gameplay in July 2022

Best Free Fire MAX pets to get for rush gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Free Fire MAX pets to get for rush gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is one of the most famous battle royale titles from Garena. The title has become very famous in the gaming community for its high-quality graphics and eye-catching elements. These different in-game elements like pets, characters and colorful outfits make the overall gameplay even more intense and magnificent.

Pets have unique abilities and come in very handy in different situations. Players can choose from over 20 plus different pets in the game. Gamers can match various characters to get the best experience.

This article discusses the best pets that players should use for rush gameplay in Free Fire MAX.

Robo and four best Free Fire MAX pets for rush gameplay, ranked

5) Detective Panda


Detective Panda is the oldest pet in Free Fire MAX. The pet is loved by players for its cute looks and skill, which is called Panda's Blessing. It helps the user to get extra 4 HP on each kill they attain.

Gamers can upgrade the pet to a higher level to get up to 10 HP upon each kill. The pet is priced at 699 diamonds. The skill will help players to get extra HP to eliminate more enemy players when they're low on health.

4) Poring


The fourth pet on the list of best pets for rush gameplay is Poring — whose skill is called Stich and Patch. The skill comes in handy to improve the durability of armor, which help players to stay undefeated in gunfights.

At its initial upgrade level, the skill helps increase one helmet and armor durability every three seconds. Along with this, the skill also prevents helmets and armor that are up to level one from being destroyed in battle. The pet is expected to come back again in the upcoming updates.

3) Rockie


Rockie is one of the newly added pets in the game. It offers an amazing skill called Stay Chill, which helps players to reduce the cooldown period of the equipped active skill by up to 6% on its initial upgrade level.

Rockie can be purchased for 699 diamonds from the store. By upgrading it to the maximum level, players can reduce its cooldown period by 15%. The pet can be matched with lots of characters to get maximum benefits out of their skills.

2) Mr. Waggor


Mr. Waggor is another excellent pet choice for aggressive players in the title. His skill is called Smooth Gloo and helps the user to get extra gloo wall grenades at different upgrade levels.

At its initial upgrade level, the player receives a gloo wall grenade when they have run of the items. The skill duration is 120 seconds, and upon upgrading the pet to the maximum level, it offers one gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds. when the player has less than two of such items on them.

1) Robo


Robo is one of the best pets when it comes to rush gameplay in Free Fire MAX. He offers a fantastic skill called Wall Enforcement, which allows users to add an extra shield to their gloo wall. The external shield offers an extra 60 HP to the protective items.

It helps players to make their gloo walls stronger and withstand more damage from their opponents. They can heal themselves and counterattack their enemies. Players can upgrade their pet to the maximum level to get up to 100 HP for their gloo wall.

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