Top 5 Free Fire MAX tips to maintain a high K/D ratio

Best ways to maintain a high K/D in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Best ways to maintain a high K/D in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
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Eliminating opponents generates the most excitement among Garena Free Fire MAX/Free Fire users. However, as one progresses in the game, getting kills becomes challenging with an improvement in the performance of enemies. Thus, players die more often in matches than surviving till the end.

In higher tiers, the kill count per match also tends to decrease. If players aren't skilled enough and play defensively in a match, it is possible that they can't maintain a specific kill-to-death ratio in Garena Free Fire MAX. However, some gameplay tips can help users preserve their desired K/D ratio.

Garena Free Fire MAX players need to heed these tips to maintain a decent K/D ratio

The K/D ratio keeps changing with every match, especially when users don't play well consistently. If gamers keep registering victories, they can enhance this ratio. This also means that fewer deaths equate to a higher K/D, provided users have scored a decent number of kills.

Keeping all of that in mind, here are the best tips that one should employ to maintain a high K/D in Free Fire MAX:

1) Target bots


It is safe to say that bots offer negligible resistance in fights, and one can easily get free kills through them. Players can usually encounter one or two bots in-game if they do not land in a hot drop location.

However, if players choose a safer landing spot away from the plane's travel route, they can get more than two bot kills in a match.

That said, one should remember that as players try to climb to the highest tiers during a season, their chances of getting fights with bots decrease substantially as they progress from one tier to the next. Still, it is an excellent strategy to target bots in battle royale matches, be it ranked or unranked games.

2) Survive and attack


Enhancing K/D in the game requires two things: surviving till the end and scoring enough kills. Players cannot win all their matches, so their in-game deaths will ultimately rise. Hence, it is crucial to attack the opponents whenever users find an opportunity.

Maintaining stealth throughout the match is a good strategy if gamers are not looking to maintain their K/D, but being excessively defensive may dent the progression of their kill count. Therefore, gamers should employ an aggressive game plan, especially when the enemies are in a vulnerable position.

Furthermore, players can use the training mode to sharpen their movement skills and earn experience that will come in handy when rushing opponents with different weapons.

3) Stop rushing blindly


The previous tip was about attacking enemies, especially when they are vulnerable. However, it is necessary for the survival of players in Free Fire MAX matches that they should avoid rushing blindly. Most of the time, such combat situations may lead to users' defeat while also denting their K/D.

Even after adopting an aggressive gameplay strategy, players can pick their fights and avoid the type of combat that puts them at a disadvantage. Furthermore, even in the battles players are attacking in, they should use gloo walls and smoke grenades to get a tactical edge.

4) Choosing squad games over solo


Maintaining a high K/D in solo games is almost impossible if players are not skilled enough. Sooner or later, they will have to resort to a defensive game plan, resulting in the downfall of their kill-to-death ratio in Garena Free Fire MAX.

On the other hand, gamers playing with regular squadmates have a better chance of scoring more kills and avoiding deaths due to a lack of team support (revivals). Moreover, one can also get carried by their teams and get a chance to claim more victories when playing with other players.

Thus, one should prefer squad over solo if they want to maintain a decent K/D in the game.

5) Using a potent character ability and decent loadout is vital


Free Fire MAX provides an array of character abilities and loadout accessories that are useful on the battlefield. Particular characters will suit one's gameplay strategy and help them overcome various difficulties with the appropriate application of their abilities.

Additionally, the loadout items provide various advantages like extra inventory capacity, airdrops, HP recovery, scanning surrounding opponents, and more. Thus, players can choose the desired loadout before entering a match.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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