5 best Free Fire gun combinations for aggressive players after OB32 update

The best weapon combos for aggressive players after Free Fire OB32 update (Image via Garena)
The best weapon combos for aggressive players after Free Fire OB32 update (Image via Garena)

Character abilities and gloo walls are among the most-talked-about features of Garena Free Fire. On the contrary, gun combinations don't get as much attention as they deserve. Specific weapon combinations offer assistance to players with different gameplay strategies.

Free Fire's wide variety of firearms among several categories like SMG, AR, SG, LMG, and more make it quite confusing for users to find the best gun combination for their playstyle. Moreover, weapon combos are extra critical for players adopting aggressive gameplay strategies.

The best Free Fire weapon combinations that favor aggressive players (after OB32 update)

An aggressive strategy doesn't necessarily mean attacking the enemies all the time. Ideally, aggressive players should avoid needless fights and focus on attacking vulnerable opponents. Gamers should use the aggression in their gameplay to intimidate their foes rather than expose themselves in front of them.

The gun combinations listed below will only provide tactically and combat support, and players will have to sharpen their aim, movement, survival, and character abilities to claim the victories.

1) M249 + MP40

MP40 with M249 (Image via Garena)
MP40 with M249 (Image via Garena)

Most SMGs alongside shotguns boast close-range superiority, while LMGs are stable weapons for farther distances. Hence, it is wise to pick an "SMG + LMG" combination.

Players can use MP40 with M29 to create an ideal combination for rush playstyle. The former's rapid rate of fire combined with the latter's staggering magazine capacity makes the combo formidable.

2) M60 + M1014

M1014 with M60 (Image via Garena)
M1014 with M60 (Image via Garena)

The previous combination used SMG with an LMG, which this combo tweaks by replacing the former with a shotgun. Although both SMGs and SGs are close-range weapons, the latter offers to kill with one or two shots.

For an ideal "SG + LMG" combination, users can couple M1014 with M60. The former being a shotgun allows users to finish off their foes at closer distances within two fires. M60, on the other hand, is ideal for medium-range battles.

Players need to remember that shotguns require expertise to handle. Therefore, one should practice hard with M1014 in the practice mode before using the same in an actual match.

3) Scar + M14

Scar with M14 (Image via Garena)
Scar with M14 (Image via Garena)

M14 has the most significant damage and range among the weapons in the AR category, but it lacks the fire rate and magazine capacity. Hence, one should use M14 as an alternative for marksman rifles in the game. Players can quickly finish off distant enemies using M14's mid-range and long-range capabilities.

Meanwhile, Scar complements M14 by offering brilliant support in close-range fights. Players can readily use quick-fire AR to execute adversaries during scuffles on the battlefield. Scar also has stability, making it an easy-to-handle weapon even for beginners.

4) AUG + AWM

AUG with AWM (Image via Garena)
AUG with AWM (Image via Garena)

AWM is arguably the best sniper that a player can get in Garena Free Fire and the reason is the greatest damage within its category. One can get AWM from the airdrops and use the same to execute one-shot or two-shot kills with ease at a longer distance.

In closer ranges, players need a decent weapon that can match the level of AWM. Hence, players can go for AUG that comes with pre-applied scope attachment, severe damage, and a quickfire rate. Players can effortlessly outshine their enemies using AUG in close-combat situations.

5) M82B + Groza

M82B with Groza (Image via Garena)
M82B with Groza (Image via Garena)

M82B is another excellent sniper rifle in Free Fire with similar attributes to the AWM. Hence, players can look for the former if the latter is not available during a match. Like AWM, M82B favors one-tap or two-tap kills in longer ranges.

To complement M82B, one should go for Groza, which can be considered as the best AR in Free Fire because of the balanced stats it boasts. With Groza, players get high damage, decent range, rapid-fire rate, stability, and more.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and reflects the writer's opinions.

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