Top 5 Indian Free Fire YouTubers in October 2021

Free Fire has its fair share of talented Indian YouTubers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Free Fire has its fair share of talented Indian YouTubers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Debolina Banerjee

YouTube is one of the best platforms to stream Free Fire. Numerous content creators showcase their talent on this platform, boosting their number of views and subscribers. From uploading Free Fire guides to talking about new events that the Battle Royale title comes up with, the videos revolving around the game are endless.

India has its fair share of streamers and content creators on YouTube who upload daily videos revolving around Free Fire for fans to enjoy. This article lists some of the best Free Fire YouTubers hailing from India.

Best Free Fire YouTubers from India

5) Desi Gamers


Amit Sharma, also known as Desi Gamers, has a total view count of 1.6 billion views. He started his Free Fire streaming journey around three years ago and has garnered 11.5 million subscribers in the process.

4) Gyan Gaming


The Kolkata-based gamer started his YouTube career streaming Clash of Clans three years ago and is now a full-time Free Fire streamer. Much to the surprise of fans, his channel was hacked a few days ago.

3) A_S Gaming


The YouTube channel, run by Sahil Rana, garners around 170 million views a month. From Free Fire pranks to hide-and-seek, this YouTuber likes to have ample fun in the battle royale game.

2) Sooneeta


She is the best female Free Fire player with a subscriber count of 4.39 million. She uploads daily videos and is one of the few content creators featured in YouTube's Original series, Creator Spotlight.

1) Total Gaming


This Free Fire YouTuber has the most significant number of YouTube subscribers, i.e., 28.8 million. Aside from enjoying Free Fire, the gamer also enjoys playing Minecraft and GTA Online.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. Since there are many YouTubers, it is an individual's choice to prefer one or the other.

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