Top 5 overpowered gun combinations in Free Fire

Use these guns to gain a combat advantage in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Use these guns to gain a combat advantage in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Mastering controls in Free Fire will allow players to be good at the game. However, without proper weapons, none of it will matter. Knowing which weapons are good in certain situations will make all the difference.

There are potentially dozens of weapon combos to choose from in-game. However, a few truly stand out for being overpowered and offer players a versatile playstyle.

Try out these amazing gun combos in Free Fire to gain an edge in combat

5) Kord + M79


This combination is perfect for players who enjoy playing a supporting role in combat. The Kord LMG is an excellent weapon for laying down suppressing fire at range. Teammates can use it to pin down the enemy in place.

The M79 launcher comes in handy while clearing hard points or defensive positions. With a magazine size of five, this weapon is perfect for pushing houses or flushing out enemies from hiding.

4) UMP + M14


This combination offers the perfect balance for close to long-range fights in Free Fire. The UMP is by far the best SMG in its class. It provides armor penetration and can support all weapons attachments.

When paired with the M14 assault rifle, players will deal with enemies at most ranges. Although the magazine size is rather low, those with high accuracy won't find it an issue.

3) SKS + M500


When it comes to long-range semi-automatic fire, the SKS marksman rifle has no equal. It can be fitted with all attachments and excels at hitting targets at long range. Although SVD is better, finding it during matches is very unlikely for most players.

Given SKS's range, most players will tend to keep a distance while shooting. To complement this playstyle, the M500 pistol is the perfect sidearm to have. It features a 2x scope which is unique for a weapon in its class.

2) GROZA + MAG-7


The GROZA assault rifle in Free Fire is almost a near-perfect weapon in its class. It offers high damage, a large magazine size, good range and can be fitted with all attachments.

When paired with the MAG-7 shotgun, players will be able to deal high damage to opponents at almost any range. With a bit of practice and steady aim, players will dominate matches using this weapon combo.

1) AWM + M1887


The classic AWM and M1887 combo are by far the most powerful in Free Fire. The AWM is possibly the best sniper rile in the game. It offers good stats and can be fitted with attachments.

When paired with a M1887 shotgun, players become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Even though mastering these weapons will take some time and patience, they will be worth the effort.

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