Top 5 things to know about Free Fire OB29 update today

Free Fire OB29 update (Image via Garena)
Free Fire OB29 update (Image via Garena)

Garena is finally releasing the OB29 update for Free Fire on August 4, 2021. Gamers will be able to download the much-awaited Free Fire update from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, or the other official stores of devices.

Fans can expect a new weapon, a new pet, in-game optimizations, new characters, and more. The latest update will also bring several new rewards for players, which they will procure after the update.

This article will discuss the top five features that players need to know about the upcoming Free Fire OB29 update.

Free Fire OB29 update: Things gamers need to know as the update arrives today

1) There will be a new 1v1 game mode

Lone Wolf: New 1v1 game mode (Image via Free Fire)
Lone Wolf: New 1v1 game mode (Image via Free Fire)

Garena introduced a new solo versus solo game mode on the OB29 Advance Server. The same 1v1 mode, Lone Wolf, is set to arrive to Free Fire through the forthcoming update.

Gamers will play the 1v1 match on a new Free Fire map called Iron Cage. Gamers will be allowed to choose their weapons and obstacles on the map like Gloo walls.

2) A treat for fans with a new weapon

AC80 (Image via Free Fire)
AC80 (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire will feature a new addition to its armory through the new Marksman Rifle, the AC80. The same weapon was also a part of the Advance Server, and many expected its arrival to the game. The AC80 will be the fourth gun in the Marksman category.

Although Garena has not revealed any official stats, judging by the gameplay videos of Free Fire streamers, the AC80 promises an excellent rate of damage inflicted.

3) New features coming for Clash Squad

New "Request" option in Clash Squad mode (Image via Free Fire)
New "Request" option in Clash Squad mode (Image via Free Fire)

Previously in Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode, players were required to purchase each weapon at the beginning of each round manually. However, after the OB29 update, players can request their desired gun from their allies.

The new "Request" option will come in handy whenever players require a specific gun but have a shortage of points. The latest update will also allow gamers to don a backpack through the collection section.

4) Changes in weapons and characters

Weapon balance adjustments (Image via Free Fire)
Weapon balance adjustments (Image via Free Fire)

As per the early patch notes of the OB29 update, the following weapons and characters are receiving an adjustment:

Weapon adjustments

  • M1887: Nerf
  • XM8: Buff
  • Uzi: Buff
  • M4A1: Players will be able to modify their M4A1 to X, Y, and Z variants using the M4 chip from vending machines.

Character adjustments

  • Jota: Jota’s ability has been adjusted, and he will gain health whenever he hits opponents. A specific amount of health regeneration will also happen whenever players knock out their opponents.

5) Free Fire fourth anniversary event

4th anniversary event (Image via Free Fire)
4th anniversary event (Image via Free Fire)

Players can expect the arrival of the fourth-anniversary event during the last week of August. The new event may draw inspiration from past anniversary events, and gamers might receive rare rewards permanently through the upcoming event. Official sneak peeks and details about the event are also expected to be announced soon.

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