Top 5 tips to fight campers in Free Fire

Tips to finish off campers in Free Fire
Tips to finish off campers in Free Fire
Debolina Banerjee

Free Fire offers some intense Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches that players can engage in. While some take an aggressive approach to the game, others like to lay low for better chances at survival.

Every BR game has its fair share of campers who believe in laying low until the last moment. However, gamers can use the following tips to fight such opponents effectively.

How to deal with campers in Free Fire?

1) HP


The most important aspect that users must pay attention to is the Health Points (HP). Before fighting campers, they must always ensure that they have maximum HP as there is a good chance that the camper will fight back with full potential.

2) AR or SMG

One of the best SMGs in Free Fire (Image via ff.garena)
One of the best SMGs in Free Fire (Image via ff.garena)

Choosing the proper gun for fights is of prime importance. Players must always opt for assault rifles (AR) or sub-machine guns (SMG) for close-range combat.

They must also use a weapon with maximum damage, but Shotguns and snipers must be avoided at all costs.

3) Tempt the camper


If Free Fire gamers are entirely aware of their opponent’s location, they must tempt the enemy by moving around for some time in close quarters. They must then stop moving and let the camper check out the situation.

Seven out of ten times, the camper will decide to access the situation. Players can then seize their moment and then take them unawares.

4) Grenades


Users must use hand grenades if they want to get rid of campers quickly. However, they must be absolutely sure of these opponents' positions.

Free Fire gamers should also use smoke grenades if they want to aggressively rush towards the camper. They must start firing before the smoke subsides for best results.

5) Fan out


This tip is only for players who engage in duo and squad matches. They must have proper knowledge regarding where the camper is hiding and then fan out.

This is to make sure that the camper does not have any place to hide once attacked. This method is also effective as gamers always have backup close at hand.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal views of the author.

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