Top 5 tips to get easy Booyah with random teammates in Free Fire

Tips to get Booyah! in Free Fire with random teammates (Image via Wallpapersden)
Tips to get Booyah! in Free Fire with random teammates (Image via Wallpapersden)
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Getting a Booyah in Free Fire is never easy. The task becomes even more difficult when gamers team up with random players in the game. Since there is zero coordination, gamers run the risk of being eliminated early in Free Fire.

Even though the game can be enjoyed in Solo mode, players get the most satisfaction from Squad mode. However, due to frequent unavailability of friends, gamers are forced to team up with random strangers.

Teaming up with random teammates puts the rank push of gamers into jeopardy. However, gamers can use certain tips and tricks to secure a Booyah in Free Fire.

Free Fire: Secure a Booyah with random teammates with the tips given below

5) Communicate


After entering a game with random teammates, gamers are given some time before the flight takes off. Instead of wasting time, gamers should use this phase to establish communication, and discuss gameplay and strategy.

This will help gamers with different styles of play come together and build proper coordination to get better results and secure a Booyah in Free Fire.

4) Drop location


Landing away from hotdrops will give the entire team adequate time to gear up for the battle royale journey.

The entire squad can search and distribute items, and get ready to take on other squads in the game. Landing away from hotdrops also reduces the risk of being eliminated early in the game.

3) Assign roles


The squad fares better if the members have specific roles assigned to them. This would help the squad find a proper balance to combat opponents and secure a Booyah in Free Fire.

Gamers who are adept at sniping should take up the role and those who are good with grenades should step up as well. If each and every gamer takes up their individual duties, the squad will do extremely well and march towards victory.

2) Stick together


The ever-changing play zone will force the squad to rotate from one place to the other. During this phase, squads become vulnerable to enemy attacks as opponents are also on the move.

To evade the sudden ambush, gamers will be required to be wary of their surroundings and keep a close watch. Gamers will also be required to stick together and help each other in case of an attack.

Dealing with such situations together will steer their way towards securing a Booyah in the game.

1) Remain discreet in the final zone


Exposing the position in the final zone can be fatal as enemies are ready to pounce upon gamers.

Gamers who team up with random teammates should maintain a low profile during the final zone. It is best to remain hidden in a prone position or get inside a building and hide behind walls to evade enemy bullets.

Attacking at the opponent at the right time will reward the team with a Booyah in Free Fire.

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