Top 5 tips to hit more headshots and improve gunfights in Free Fire MAX

Tips to improve gunfights in Garena Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Tips to improve gunfights in Garena Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Gunfights in Free Fire MAX are quite intense as gamers try their level best to eliminate opponents and emerge as the last person standing. It is certainly not easy to execute the perfect gameplay and at times gamers end up being the one eliminated.

One of the best ways to finish off opponents is through headshots. It is more effective and does more damage than ordinary bodyshots. However, it is quite difficult to execute a perfect headshot as opponents are constantly on the move.

This article will reveal a few tips to improve gunfights and improve headshots in Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire MAX: Improve gunfights with these tricks

5) Adjust the sensitivity settings

Adjusting the sensitivity settings of Free Fire MAX greatly influences the gameplay. However, not many are aware of this feature in the game.

Gamers can access this feature under the "Settings" section. Tweaking the sensitivity settings in Free Fire MAX helps gamers in better movement across the map as well as for using any kind of scope. After changing these settings, gamers will have no difficulty scoping into enemies and eliminating them instantly.

4) Get the perfect guns

Since gunfights require gamers to engage with enemies in a direct face-to-face combat, it is mandatory for players to get the best gun in the category.

For short to mid range combat, gamers must choose the weapon with the most damage. This will help them in knocking down the enemy faster, otherwise they may get knocked down themselves. Taking the help of a sniper might come in handy as they are extremely powerful and can get a headshot elimination for gamers.

3) Get an altitude advantage

The terrain of Free Fire MAX varies from one location to the other. Since there is a diversity when it comes to landforms, gamers should always opt for an area with a higher elevation.

This will not only give gamers the opportunity to scan the area before rotating out of it, but will also give them the chance to strike first at an approaching opponent. Getting the odds in their favor right from the start will help gamers improve gunfights significantly.

2) Have a suitable layout

The HUD layout of Free Fire MAX should be customized according to the necessity of gamers. Since hand width varies from gamer to gamer, the default layout settings might not be the best for everyone.

Gamers should adjust the position of the buttons to fit their needs and fetch better results regarding gunfights and headshots.

1) Discard the auto-aim

Even though the auto aim helps in getting accurate hits towards opponents, it does not help gamers with enhancing their own skills. Therefore, this option must be discarded and gamers should rely on their own expertise.

Even though it will be difficult at the beginning, gamers will gradually get the hang of it in Free Fire MAX. This will help them improve their gunfights and get more headshots in the game.

Note:- This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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