Top 5 tips to reach Heroic rank in Free Fire (February 2022)

A lot of players desire to reach Heroic in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
A lot of players desire to reach Heroic in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Free Fire has two unique rank seasons for Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes, with the majority of players wanting to reach the upper echelons in at least one of them. Heroic is the third-highest tier, ranking just below Master and Grandmaster on the ladder.

In Battle Royale mode, gamers must achieve a minimum of 3200 points, while in Clash Squad mode, they must go through a range of levels, earning stars for their victories, to obtain the Heroic rank. Although this might seem daunting in the first instance, gamers can easily achieve it with intelligent plays and tactics.

Tips to reach Heroic in Free Fire (February 2022)

1) Playing with a team


When it comes to Clash Squad or Battle Royale mode of Free Fire, the value of queuing with a group of friends or previously known players who wish to push the rank cannot be overstated. This ensures enhanced communication and coordination, which improves their prospects of winning more games.

Solo queuing presents many challenges because they may not be aware of the other intents of their teammates or their playing style, making it harder to progress through the ranks.

2) Character combinations


Since Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode have different characteristics, users must carefully select each character. They can easily use active abilities like K, Alok, Xayne, Skyler, and more in both modes. At the same time, gamers must discard the abilities of Paloma, Misha, Notora, especially in the Clash Squad mode.

Having at least one healing ability in the character combination is beneficial as users may replenish their HP without medkits.

3) Avoid hot drops in Battle Royale


Hot drops are double-edged swords, and landing there could spell disaster in Free Fire. Locations like Factory and Clock Tower attract a lot of gamers, and if players are unable to land quickly to collect the guns, they will likely be among the first few to be eliminated.

Similarly, they should avoid dropping in the corner of the map as they would only get points for survival while missing out on the kills.

4) Avoid unnecessary rushing


Maintaining a balance between offensive and defensive play is one of the areas that may be improved when aiming to move up the ranks. In the battle royale mode, players should engage in combat when the outcome is likely to be in their favor while avoiding confrontation with their opponents if they are in a risky position such as an open field without cover.

The same holds for the Clash Squad mode. Users should gain control over the strategic regions of the map first and avoid charging in headfirst since they risk being caught off guard and losing the round too soon.

5) Improving the skills


Users must make a concerted effort to improve their overall skills; there is no substitute for this. The competition becomes more complex as players advance through the ranks, and without improving their gunplay, it becomes tough to climb the ranks.

Players can hone their skills with every weapon on the training island at the range and the combat zone. Moreover, a proper warm-up before a ranked game in Free Fire can make the difference.

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