Top 7 Free Fire tips for beginners to master the shotgun

Follow these easy tips to master the shotgun in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these easy tips to master the shotgun in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Mastering the shotgun in Free Fire is not easy. The weapon demands a high level of skill and precision. Additionally, due to their limited range, closing the gap can be risky.

However, learning to use the shotgun properly is not impossible. By following a few basic tips, readers can improve their overall combat with the weapon.


Tips to master the shotgun in close range combat: Free Fire

7) Choosing the right shotgun


There are currently four shotguns in Free Fire. While all of them will kill, each one is slightly different. At present, the M1887 is the king of shotguns in-game. However, depending on the situation, the MAG-7 may outperform the M1887.

6) Know the weapon's effective combat range


Knowing the maximum range for a shotgun is important. Using this information, players can position themselves during combat accordingly and avoid putting their character in harm's way.

5) Always reload when possible


Shotguns in Free Fire have a limited magazine size. Considering their high damage, this is a fair trade-off. Players should always reload their shotgun whenever possible, to avoid running out of shots during a gunfight.

4) Land headshots for maximum effect


Landing headshots with a shotgun will inflict a lot of damage. Most opponents will get one-tapped or knocked down. Though this skill is demanding, players who can achieve it will be unstoppable in close-range gunfights.

3) Use Hayato's "Bushido" ability to increase damage


In close-range combat, taking some damage is unavoidable. However, players can use this to their advantage. Using Hayato's "Bushido" ability can amplify their damage output to a large extent.

At the max level, when the maximum HP is decreased by 10%, armor penetration will increase by 10.0%. Players can utilize this ability to two-tap opponents with a shotgun.

2) Always use cover while using a shotgun


Players should always take cover during a shotgun shootout in Free Fire. With each slug having the potential to eliminate a player, care should be taken to avoid being hit. Peeking around cover to shoot is advisable in these situations.

1) Move and shoot to avoid taking damage


Due to the limited range of shotguns, players will need to get close to inflict damage. This will leave them open to counterfire. To avoid this, moving and shooting at the same time will be necessary.

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