Who is Nalla Yash? His Free Fire MAX ID, stats, monthly income, and more

Nalla Yash
Nalla Yash's Free Fire MAX ID (Image via Garena)

Yashraj Singh Rajput is a relative newcomer to the Free Fire content creation scene, having launched his Nalla Yash channel in 2020. He primarily uploads his exciting gameplay videos with entertaining commentary videos.

Following the success of his primary channel, Yashraj started with the NallaYash Live channel in November 2021. The channel has also accomplished 601k subscribers. In addition to his YouTube following, the content creator has 2.25k followers on Instagram.

Nalla Yash's Free Fire MAX ID, stats, and other details

Nalla Yash's Free Fire MAX ID is 1358579891. The content creator has achieved Heroic rank in the Heroic tier in BR-Ranked Season 30 and Master in CS-Ranked Season 16.

His stats as of December 8, 2022, are as follows:

BR Career stats

Nalla Yash's BR Career (Image via Garena)
Nalla Yash's BR Career (Image via Garena)

Nalla Yash has finished undefeated in 223 of the 1004 solo contests, ensuring a win rate of 22.21%. He has taken down 2651 opponents, with 784 resulting from headshots. This makes his K/D ratio 3.39, while the headshot rate equals 29.57%.

The content creator has played 1778 duo games and earned 572 wins, equating to a win rate of 32.17%. He has racked up 5359, notching up 1230 headshots, converting into a K/D ratio of 4.44 and a headshot rate of 22.95%.

During the 20118 squad matches in Free Fire MAX, Nalla Yash has secured 9986 victories, recording a win rate of 49.63%. He has recorded 78900 frags, and 23150 have been added as headshots, attributing to a K/D ratio of 7.79 and a headshot rate of 29.34%.

BR-Ranked stats

Nalla Yash's BR-Ranked stats (Image via Garena)
Nalla Yash's BR-Ranked stats (Image via Garena)

The YouTuber has entered two solo matches and failed to bag a win. However, Yash has taken down three opponents and acquired a single headshot to retain a K/D ratio of 1.50 and a headshot rate of 33.33%.

Nalla Yash has participated in 23 duo encounters in Free Fire MAX Ranked Season 30, and chalked up two victories to maintain a win rate of 8.69%. With 40 eliminations in the process, he has notched 11 headshots, acquiring a K/D ratio of 1.90 and a headshot rate of 27.50%.

Finally, the Indian star has made his way to the finish line ahead of the opposition in 10 of the 46 squad games, culminating in a win rate of 21.73%. Nalla Yash has acquired 107 eliminations, and 33 resulted from headshots, securing a K/D ratio of 2.97 and a headshot rate of 30.84%.

Note: Nalla Yash's Free Fire MAX stats were recorded when writing the article. These will likely change as the YouTuber continues to play in more games in the battle royale title.

Monthly income

Nalla Yash's estimated earnings (Image via Social Blade)
Nalla Yash's estimated earnings (Image via Social Blade)

Social Blade reports Nalla Yash's monthly income estimates to range from $24 to $379. Similarly, the yearly earning projections are between $285 and $4.6K.

YouTube channel


Yashraj Singh Rajput launched his Nalla Yash YouTube channel in the latter half of 2020. He has amassed more than 380 uploads since then, which have accumulated 98.416 million views.

The channel stood at just over 50k subscribers by mid-2021, but its growth has skyrocketed. It surpassed 600k in the coming months and now stands at close to 1 million subscribers. Additionally, as per Social Blade, the content creator has lost 3k subscribers and posted 94.863k views over the last 30 days.

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