How to use ChatGPT to construct your customized resume?

Creating customized resume using ChatGPT (Image via
Creating customized resume using ChatGPT (Image via

ChatGPT is a chatbot that seems to have been a topic of discussion since its release in November last year. ChatGPT is built on an improved upon Open AI's GPT-3 language models. The chatbot has been trained under large language models, collecting huge databases to stitch words together to form meaningful sentences from directed commands.

ChatGPT is primarily used for automated customer care, quick e-mail replies, help centers, applications, etc. But the potential use of the chatbot goes well into complex creations, calculations, and coding. But ChatGPT is also not without its drawbacks. Often sentences will stick to grammar but become meaningless clusters of words.

However, with rapid optimization and intensive machine learning, it is now possible to do some useful work, like creating your resume with the help of this chatbot, and this is how to do it.

Creating a customized resume with the ChatGPT

Writing a professional resume is significant prep work that needs to be done while job hunting. With hundreds and thousands of applications dropping in every day, it is essential to polish your resume lingo to stand out from the rest.

The process can be time-consuming, especially when there's a time constraint, and ChatGPT can help you with the write-ups when applying to multiple industrial sectors. Working with a chatbot is similar to interacting with an advisor to get directions on how your resume should sound.


Here are the steps to get your customized resume:

Step 1: Create and log in to your account on OpenAI's official website to access ChatGPT. As of yet, there is no dedicated app, and thus, no downloads are required. Since the service is paid, you might have to go through subscription procedures.

Step 2: Once the interface is open, you will find a text prompt bar that you can use to interact with the bot. Make sure you have your personal information ready, like education details, skill sets, work experience, internships, achievements, and co-curricular.

Step 3: Put your information in the text prompt with details about your profile and the job profile you'd be applying for. This will give the AI a heading as to how you want your resume. Hit send to submit the info.

Step 4: The chatbot will start sorting out the info you input in a command prompt window. This process can take some time. You can tap the reset thread in the top right corner or refresh the page if there are delays and freezes.

Step 5: After compiling, the chatbot will give a full-fledged resume write-up. Make sure to proofread for errors, unwanted info, or unprofessional tone. A "Copy Code" button will let you copy the generated article for further use.

Step 6: If you need to enhance the writing or make further customizations to make it sound more professional, you can type in your requirements in the text prompt, which will revise the information and generate a modified version for you.

You can copy the write-up and arrange your resume accordingly in a resume template of your choosing, outside of the chatbot interface, as ChatGPT doesn't have resume templates yet.

Things to remember

The interface has a few drawbacks. There is a chance of error as the bot is still trained in human languages. The information provided can be interpreted in unwanted ways, so proofreading is crucial while writing your resume.

While this chatbot is useful in writing professional resumes, it is also oriented towards traditional job profiles. Hence, it may stumble while writing for non-traditional or unconventional job profiles.

Other than that, ChatGPT is a handy AI tool going forward in 2023, which will only improve with updates and customizations.

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