How to use Sleep Mode on Android

Here’s how you can enable Sleep Mode or set up a bedtime schedule on an Android device? (Image via Unsplash)
Here’s how you can enable Sleep Mode or set up a bedtime schedule on an Android device (Image via Unsplash)

Wondering how to correct your sleep cycle and set a bedtime schedule using your Android phone? Google’s mobile OS offers a stock application known as the Clock that provides users with daily time-related functionalities. Its uses range from setting a simple alarm to wake-up routines that can help users control their lifestyle.

With people around the world embracing the complexities of technology, it has become extremely important to practice well-being and discipline. In this age, reducing screen time and ensuring a good night’s sleep are some of the most important, yet ignored, lifestyle elements.

Luckily, your phone’s Clock app can be the answer to your sleep troubles. Android smartphones come with a customizable Sleep Mode that can be used to enable sleep-friendly features.

The next section of the article provides a handy guide to the aforementioned Clock settings, helping users set a consistent bedtime schedule and track sleep data easily.

Exploring steps to enable Sleep Mode or set up a bedtime schedule on Android devices


Before getting into the guide, note that some Android phones don’t offer the Google Clock app. They offer a tailored clock version suited to the manufacturer’s Android custom skin. In this case, you can download the Google Clock app from the Play Store app to access the bedtime schedule feature.

Alternatively, you can also use the in-built “Sleep Mode” that comes with a phone running on a custom OS skin. For example, Samsung users can access Bedtime Mode from their phone’s settings under Modes and Routines.

Set up a bedtime schedule and enable Sleep Mode via Google Clock app

The process is relatively easy and can be completed by following the steps listed below:

  1. Open the Google Clock app on your Android phone and tap on the Bedtime option.
  2. Under the Schedule card, tap on the time to set a bedtime and select the days to enable the routine for.
  3. Under Customize, you can enable bedtime reminders to abide by your set schedule.
  4. Furthermore, you can enable the Bedtime Mode to silence notifications and eliminate the screen’s color.
  5. Tap the time under Wake Up and set the time and days to enable the wake-up alarm.

Further, you can access the following customization options to tailor the experience:

  1. Sound: Choose an alarm sound.
  2. Vibrate: Turn on vibration for the alarm.
  3. Sunrise Alarm: Enable this to brighten the phone’s screen 15 minutes before the alarm rings.
  4. Google Assistant Routine: Set a routine for Google Assistant to follow after the wake-up alarm goes off.
  5. Sleep sounds: Access sleep-friendly music directly from the Clock app’s Bedtime menu, provided the phone contains a relevant application (YouTube, Pandora, Spotify). Note that a premium subscription to the music service is needed.
  6. Do-Not-Disturb mode: Censor app notifications and calls or toggle it off.
  7. Screen options at Bedtime: Dim the wallpaper, keep the screen dark, and more.

Alternatively, you can access Bedtime Mode settings from the Settings app > Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls.

If you don’t want to use stock Android's Bedtime Mode experience, look for your phone’s in-built Sleep Mode, which can be found in its Quick settings tray, Settings app, or Clock app.

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