Apple launches Watch Ultra for the truly rugged experience with GPS connectivity, backtrack, diving, and more

The Apple Watch Ultra. Image via Youtube @Apple
The Apple Watch Ultra (Image via Youtube/Apple)

After much speculation, Apple has finally released the Apple Watch Ultra at the Far Out event. Initially rumored to be the Watch Pro. The “ecosystem” is perhaps incomplete without the inclusion of an Apple Watch. However, it is impractical to be included in the load out of an extreme athlete.


Apple has officially unveiled the Watch Ultra, a powerful, high-end watch that presently sits at the apex of the company's lineup. This new skew has brought forward the much-needed and much-appreciated changes to the line-up.

Based on the framework of the Watch Series 8, this watch adds a lot of features and functionalities to its base. It features a dedicated “action” button and a larger digital crown. Pre-orders start today ahead of the September 23 release date.

Features to look out for in the brand new Apple Watch Ultra

Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with 36 hours of battery life to support even the most rugged adventures. Additionally, another 60 hours of battery life extension is possible upon switching to the low power mode and with subsequent OTA updates.

Cellular support

All of the Watch Ultra comes with cellular support out of the box. This was done to ensure that the user is still hooked to the network, even if the local network is unavailable. This comes in handy while on outdoor and remote expeditions.

Apple Watch Ultra-Aerospace Titanium-Cellular Built-In-36 Hours Battery-60 Hours Extended-L1 + L5 GPS-Action Button-Second Speaker-WR100 Water Resistant-Oceanic+ for Diving-2000nits BrightnessFrom $799 coming Sept 23#AppleEvent

“Action Button”

A new Action button, improved digital crown, 49mm titanium case, and button guard on the side are some of the major upgrades over the vanilla Watch Series 8. The action button is infinitely customizable to support a host of functions from that button.

Display and accesibility

The 2,000 nits bright sapphire crystal display is stunning and quite essential for rugged outdoor activities. The ultra comes with twice the peak brightness of the regular Watch Series 8.

Both the buttons and crowns function with gloves which almost single-handedly bridge the gap between the ecosystem and the pro-sumers. They can each run for up to 36 hours on a single charge and have cellular capabilities.

Water resistance

It is water resistant to WR 100 standards and can keep up with sports like deep sea diving, effortlessly. When you go underwater, it automatically starts with a separate depth app to display the time, depth, and temperature.

Additionally, it has EN 13319 certification for scuba divers. Huish Outdoors is also partnering with Apple to develop an app called Oceanic Plus for a holistic dive experience with the Watch Ultra.

The new Watch has a plethora of features (Image via Youtube/Apple)
The new Watch has a plethora of features (Image via Youtube/Apple)

Upgraded GPS

The new L5 frequency is part of the upgraded multi-band GPS on the Ultra for that unnatural tracking. In the event that you are lost while traversing the woods or surfing the desert, a retrace capability is also provided.

The New Way finder watch face brings in a lot of features right on the watch face. These include compass headings, waypoint tracking, and atmospheric conditions, to name a few. Additionally, it also features an 86-decibel siren to aid the rescue attempts, in case of the worst possible scenario.

Apple Watch Ultra is made for “exploration, adventure and endurance” and it has a ton of features for more extreme sports that the normal watch couldn’t keep up withLarger, thicker 49mm titanium case36-hour battery lifeDual-frequency GPSNew face and bands$$$$????


The all-new Ultra comes with three different strap options. Choices can be made based on the use case scenario. Alpine Loop, a brand-new band, was developed specifically for explorers. The Ocean Band is a fresh option for rapid water sports. Trail Loop has been developed for endurance athletes with more suppleness.

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