5 things to expect from Apple at upcoming Far Out event

Apple's Far Out event is scheduled for September 7 (Image via Apple)

Apple has scheduled the Far Out event for September 7. The company is expected to make some of its biggest hardware launches for Holiday 2022 this season.

Among the most obvious launches is the iPhone 14 series, as the Cupertino-based tech giant launches its smartphones consistently every fall. Besides smartphones, Apple is expected to launch other hardware, including the Watch Series 8 and the next generation of AirPods.

However, the community is not expecting any MacBook or iMac launches at this event, as the company introduced the M2 lineup earlier this year at WWDC. The organization has no immediate plans for an M2 iMac.

What will Apple unveil at upcoming Far Out event?

1) Apple iPhone 14 family

Apple just accidentally LEAKED the iPhone 14 Pro 🤯

The iPhone 14 lineup will be the star of the upcoming Far Out event. Apple is expected to spend a chunk of time introducing its new smartphone lineup.

The iPhone 14 will reportedly not feature a Mini offering. This move could be credited to the low sales of compact smartphones.

However, Apple is expected to introduce an iPhone 14 Plus this time. Thus, the total number of SKUs remains at four. These include the iPhone 14 base model, the slightly bumped-up Pro variant, the alleged Plus option, and the flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max.

2) Apple Watch Series 8

Report: New Apple Watch that is ‘cheaper than the Apple Watch SE’ coming on Wednesday

Besides the iPhone 14 lineup, Apple is also expected to introduce new wearables. The Watch Series 8 will reportedly surface at the upcoming Far Out event and have 41 mm and 45 mm variants.

According to reports, Apple will discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 following the launch of the new wearable lineup at Far Out. The company is also expected to develop a new cost-effective wearable focused on kids.

3) Apple Watch SE (Gen 2)

Vendo Apple Watch SE 40mm - R$1.900,00.

The Apple Watch SE Gen 2 will be a mid-range offering in the new wearable lineup. The tech giant is expected to unveil the new version of the famous $279 smartwatch at Far Out tomorrow.

The new design is rumored to come with a massive overhaul over the existing SE offering from the company.

According to leaks, the new budget smartwatch will derive huge inspiration from the design language of the Apple Watch Series 4. The device, however, will not pack an always-on display.

The Apple Watch SE Gen 2 should be available for pre-orders once they have been unveiled at the event. The company should start shipping them a week after the event in mid-September.

4) Apple Watch Pro

Let's take a look at the new case of Apple Watch Series 8 Pro, the size of 49mm is confirmed.

Alongside the regular Apple Watch Series 8 and the budget Watch SE Gen 2, the company is expected to unveil a high-end Watch Series Pro variant at Far Out. The new watch will be sports-focused and is expected to big a larger 49 mm display.

The high-end variant will also be rugged. It will reportedly be built on a titanium chassis instead of the usually used aluminum. The Watch 8 pro will also pack a shatter-resistant screen and a larger battery than the base model, according to a report from Bloomberg.

This device will be built to fully utilize the multiple sports features and improved tracking algorithms introduced with watchOS 9.

5) AirPods Pro Gen 2

The current-gen AirPods Pro (Image via Apple)
The current-gen AirPods Pro (Image via Apple)

Apple is expected to introduce the next generation of AirPods Pro at the upcoming Far Out event. The new alteration is expected to integrate lossless audio.

The upcoming AirPods will reportedly integrate skin-detect sensors like the AirPods 3. Leaked images have revealed that the skin sensors are dimensionally identical to those seen on the AirPods 3.

The AirPods Pro Gen 2 will introduce Apple's H1 chip. The updated processor brings adaptive noise cancelation to the earbuds lineup. Apple has also worked on improving power efficiency with this chip.

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