Black Friday deals: Get the Xbox Series X at $399

The Series X is now available at a cheaper price (Image via Xbox)
The Series X is now available at a cheaper price (Image via Xbox)

The Xbox Series X has become a lucrative buy during the Black Friday sales, thanks to an amazing discount that is now live. The console is the larger of the two current-gen models made by Xbox and has gained popularity quickly.

Demand for the device has been very high, and the PlayStation 5's stock shortages have only contributed to the sales of the Xbox Series X. Although the Xbox Series S is the entry-level variant of the console, many gamers prefer the Xbox Series X. This is largely due to the ability to run physical disks on it. The Series S, on the other hand, can only download and run digital versions. The Series X has more powerful specs as well and is the only option from Microsoft for 4K gaming.

Xbox Series X is $399.99 on Instagram Shop via Microsoft Store (20% off first Instagram Shop purchase)

Hence, many enthusiasts prefer the device even though it usually costs $499. This is $200 more than the Xbox Series S, which is why the device often runs out of stock. However, buyers in the United States can now save a hefty $100 when picking up the Xbox Series X.

The latest offers are available on the Instagram Store and will be live until stocks last. The discount is being provided on the social media platform by the Microsoft Store, and buyers don't have to worry about the authenticity of the offer. To receive the discount, a buyer only needs to purchase the Xbox Series X from the Instagram Store.

The transaction details will show that a $100 discount has been applied to the full price, and a buyer will only have to spend $399. This is an amazing opportunity, given how rarely the device goes on sale. Suffice it to say that demand will be high, so buyers shouldn't hesitate to pick the device up during the Black Friday period.

Apart from the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has several other products on discount during the Black Friday sale

With the current discount, the Xbox Series X will be a very interesting proposition during the Black Friday period. However, buyers can opt for other interesting deals if they have different requirements. PC gamers and PlayStation 5 users may want to get the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has discounted the Xbox Series S to just $250 for Black FridayOne of the cheapest consoles of all time!

The Series S usually costs $299, but Microsoft is selling it for $249 during the Black Friday period. This offer is available across all major retailers and can be found on the Xbox store as well.

Apart from the two consoles, the Surface Pro and its variants have attracted some nice discounts. Xbox is also offering plenty of gaming titles for sale on the Microsoft Store, and the list includes recent releases like FIFA 23 and Gotham Knights.

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