Intel's flagship Arc graphics card data accidentally revealed

Intel Arc Control data accidentally revealed (Image via Sportskeeda)
Intel Arc Control data accidentally revealed (Image via Sportskeeda)

Intel recently released a new video to showcase the features of the upcoming flagship graphics card "Intel Arc," but it turned out to be a nightmare since it accidentally revealed the data of the Intel Arc Control, which led to a lot of speculation among fans.

Intel gave a small glimpse during the film (about 29 seconds), and it appeared to reveal data for a high-end, unannounced graphics card.

Various stats of interest can be found in the "Live Performance Monitoring" section. To begin with, the GPU is at 99.57 percent utilization, consuming 175 watts of electricity. Second, the GPU runs at 2,250MHz, while the VRAM runs at 1,093MHz.

According to this information, the GPU is projected to be more powerful than the Radeon RX 6700 XT, but roughly 20% less powerful than the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. However, it appears to have 60% more tensor power, which might be very handy for Intel's AI-driven upscaling Xe Super Sampling (XeSS).

What are Graphics Cards?

Graphic cards, often known as GPUs, are necessary components in PCs if you want to play games at a reasonable frame rate. The majority of modern games demand that graphics cards perform smoothly with no frame dips.

Intel released its first standalone graphics card at the end of March. They recently published a video displaying various features of their flagship graphics card, "Intel Arc Control," which came after they promised to provide dedicated desktop GPUs to consumers in the upcoming summer.

Intel Arc Control Graphic Card

Arc Control is a piece of software that works with Intel Graphics and is similar to Nvidia's GeForce Experience. Essentially, this allows users quick access to the most recent graphics drivers, system performance metrics, and a broadcast studio for streaming on their preferred streaming platform.

The whole video was about the features of the flagship graphic card that will be released in the upcoming summer. The biggest highlight of the video was the accidental revealing of Intel Arc Control data, which led to a lot of speculation among PC gamers and esports players.

The data was released by mistake and led to a lot of speculation among fans. Still, there is a high chance that the actual graphics card is completely different from what is expected from fans based on the data. Players should wait for the official announcement from Intel before making any decision.

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