Windows 10 Pro vs Home: Which is better for gaming?

A peculiar battle (Image via Sportskeeda)
A peculiar battle (Image via Sportskeeda)

Gaming performance in a PC is dependent mainly on the choice of hardware and an API like Direct X. However, these factors are only as good as the optimization offered by Windows 10.

The choice of the operating system as well as a space composed of uncertainty. When you're building a new PC, almost everybody is wondering which operating system will suffice their needs and perform on par with the hardware installed.

Windows 10 is the default OS for gamers despite the launch of Windows 11. However, there's no denying that most PC gamers experience the fear of missing out. This could be due to misinformation regarding the OS variants.

Windows 10 Home and 10 Pro are the two most preferred versions. Which one is better for you to keep gaming at the forefront? The answer to this question is not linear but is entirely based on your needs and the games you end up playing.

What is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home?

Windows market share stands at 87.56% (Image via Microsoft)
Windows market share stands at 87.56% (Image via Microsoft)

Firstly, it should be noted that all versions of Windows 10 are based on the same base. We see no difference in making one more superior in terms of core functions and general fluidity.

Home is a barebones version of Windows that is missing certain extra features offered by Windows 10 Pro. This, by no means, should be understood as it is lacking anyhow. Home is a justifiable choice for 90 percent of the people.

The only remaining people that might opt for the Pro version are those working in a professional environment or are power users that want all maximum control and functionality.

The following are some of the features offered by 10 Pro, which you can analyze accordingly if they are useful to your use case:

Memory Limits

Physical memory limits for Windows 10 versions differ (Image via Kingston)
Physical memory limits for Windows 10 versions differ (Image via Kingston)

The 10 Home supports 128 GB of RAM, while the 10 Pro can support up to 2 TB. Even 128 GB of RAM is overkill for the general consumer, let alone 2TB. For the most part, this difference is in new titles that launch unoptimized.

The presence of more memory could prove to be a solid determinant in the gaming performance of such titles. However, most games presently have a ceiling for how much RAM can positively impact performance, and this ceiling is, without a doubt, well under 128 GB.

If you aim to build a PC that can handle unoptimized games like Elden Ring, then be sure to opt for Windows 10 Pro. Memory leakage is common in such titles, so opting for Windows 10 Pro could be a solution.

Windows 10 Enterprise4 GB2TB
Windows 10 Education4 GB2TB
Windows 10 Pro4 GB2TB
Windows 10 Home4 GB128GB

Windows Sandbox

Safely running applications in isolation (Image via Microsoft)
Safely running applications in isolation (Image via Microsoft)

Windows Sandbox is a valuable asset to PC enthusiasts who constantly tweak their PCs by downloading random files and applications from the internet. Windows Sandbox enables running these applications first on a virtual solution.

As discussed, this can be used to verify the legitimacy and safety of these applications and files. This could prove to be a handy tool for gamers who like modding. The GTA modding community is infamous for asking players to download a plethora of files before they can enjoy a modded experience.

Sometimes, malware and junk can accompany such downloads. This is where a tool like Sandbox can prove to be of substantial importance. Users can first download the files on a virtual basis. If the files turn out safe, proceed to install them fully-fledged.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Access (Image via Microsoft)
Remote Desktop Access (Image via Microsoft)

As the name suggests, Remote Desktop is used to remotely control a PC on your network. This is a welcome feature in an office or professional setting where employees can collaborate on projects and operating systems that are otherwise difficult to access.

Windows 10 Pro offers several other features based on exclusive functionality and security. It is noted that the premium paid for the Pro variant is justified, especially for esports professionals and game developers.

In times like this, the game development community is working from home, and so are esports professionals. A native remote desktop experience ensures a safe exchange. Game development is a collaborative affair. Devs need remote access to test game builds, create art and let designers work together.

Power users need Pro

Windows Home and Pro are both excellent for gaming. However, for gamers, additional features offered by Windows 10 Pro justify the upfront premium it commands.

Firstly, Windows Sandbox ensures that you don't ruin your PC by downloading harmful software while modding games like GTA. Also, higher memory support means a smooth experience in unoptimized games.

Finally, a native Remote Desktop feature allows for collaborative development of games in peculiar situations. The Windows 10 Pro's feature set is a massive win for gamers and creators alike.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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