How to obtain Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring?

Everything players should know regarding Meteorite Staff in the game (Image via Elden Ring)
Everything players should know regarding Meteorite Staff in the game (Image via Elden Ring)

Meteorite Staff is one of the best glintstone staff that players can obtain within Elden Ring. It can be acquired quite early in the game and offers S scaling for a mere 18 intelligence.

Apart from that, Meteorite Staff also enhances the damage output of all gravity sorceries. The only problem is that players must go through quite a few steps to obtain it, which involves a lot of running and skipping.

Finally defeated Godrick in Elden Ring.Had to get the meteorite staff and rock sling and it was honestly almost too easy at that point. πŸͺ„

In this article, a detailed guide has been provided to obtain the Meteorite Staff. The only thing that players should remember is that they should get access to Torrent first before following the steps, as it makes the task of acquiring a lot easier.

A step-by-step guide to obtaining Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

Before going through the guide to acquire the Meteorite Staff, players should remember that it cannot be upgraded. Even though the scaling is quite good, other staves such as Lusat's Glintstone Staff or even the Academy Staff in Elden Ring will surpass the Meteorite Staff after one point.

However, there is no doubt the latter will provide value until mid-game within Elden Ring at the very least. With that out of the way, it is now time for a detailed guide:

  • Spawn in the first site of grace in Limgrave after obtaining Torrent from Melina. Now, from that site of grace, travel right towards the same lake where the fight against Agheel takes place. Players will find the Dragon Burnt Ruins in the middle of that lake. Then gamers must look for an underground tunnel in the middle of the Dragon Burnt Ruins and go inside. Inside that tunnel, there is a small chest that players should open.
  • Once players open the chest, they will be teleported to Sellia crystal tunnel in Caelid. This is a high-level area, so all the enemies inside this place will kill players in one hit. Therefore, gamers must get ready to run. As soon as they spawn, players should take a quick left, drop down, run forward, drop down again, and hit the site of grace.
  • After that, players will come out on the other side from the site of grace in front of a massive swamp that contains a lake filled with liquid that can inflict Scarlet Rot. So, now players should get on top of Torrent and start running towards the middle of the lake and hit the Inner Aeonia site of grace.
  • From this site of grace, players must again get on top of Torrent and sprint towards the west until they reach the Street of Sages Ruins. Once in those ruins, gamers should move towards the left side of the same, and they will see a body hanging from the window of a small room with loot over it. Picking up that loot will give players the Meteorite Staff.

Apart from the Meteorite Staff, players can also pick up the Rock Sling sorcery from the same area. This spell is located in the underground chest of the Street of Sages Ruins. This way, gamers will have a powerful staff and a spell early in Elden Ring that will carry them through at least 80% of the game.

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