Best Elden Ring Talismans

Accessorize for any situation (Image via FromSoftware)
Accessorize for any situation (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring players are always looking for a quick way to boost their stats and improve their build. Talismans are a new entry to the FromSoft format, which adds a ton of variety to designing a Tarnished kit.

There are a ton of Talisman options in the game, many of which only work for certain builds or gameplay styles. Selecting the best Talismans is a matter of personal taste, educated guesses, trial and error.

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Elden Ring players could achieve wonders with these Talismans

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When selecting the Talisman to fill limited pouch slots, Elden Ring players must consider what kind of battle they're entering. There's a different best-case scenario for every situation.

1) Best PVE Talisman: Erdtree's Favor

The perfect all-rounder (Image via FromSoftware)
The perfect all-rounder (Image via FromSoftware)

Players hoping to take on the in-game world should look no further than this perfect early-game option. Erdtree's Favor grants a boost to the maximum HP, Stamina, and equipment load.

Players wielding this tool can survive more damage, fight more efficiently, and carry more into battle. In a game as tough as Elden Ring, the simplest option is often the best, and it doesn't get much simpler than a straightforward number boost.

This option is most prominently used early in the game, but that little extra health boost could still spare a Tarnished life.

2) Best PVP Talisman: Shard of Alexander

Buffing the power of the secret weapon (Image via FromSoft)
Buffing the power of the secret weapon (Image via FromSoft)

In this game, weapon skills are an enormous part of the combat. This talisman buffs the attack power of all skills. This includes those gained through Ash's of War and the dominating skills gained through particular weapons.

Fan-favorite weapons like Moonveil have immensely powerful skills attached, and this leap could turn them into one-hit killers. There are very few builds in the game that wouldn't benefit from this excellent Talisman.

3) Best Melee Talisman: Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Finally, turn the game into Bloodborne (Image via FromSoft)
Finally, turn the game into Bloodborne (Image via FromSoft)

Melee players love to get in, deal their damage, and try desperately to avoid the consequences of their actions. Elden Ring players who struggle with dodging or find themselves getting hit will often love the Godskin Swaddling Cloth.

This Talisman allows players to heal damage by landing successive attacks on enemies. This encourages constant aggression, which is why it's one of the most highly-praised aspects of Bloodborne.

4) Best Magic Talisman: Ancestral Spirit's Horn

Spend mana to gain mana (Image via FromSoft)
Spend mana to gain mana (Image via FromSoft)

This key Talisman allows users to gain FP back for every enemy they defeat. This means that a savvy caster can wipe out a mob of enemies with a well-placed Comet Azur and gain back the energy they used to cast it.

This works best in the open world, but most bosses come with a few minions to shoot down. Elden Ring mages will love the extra casting energy and rapid-fire spells.

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