Does the 2024 LIV Golf Promotions event have prize money? The four-round system explored

2024 LIV Golf Promotions Event
2024 LIV Golf Promotions Event

The 2024 LIV Golf Promotions event, set to unfold at Abu Dhabi Golf Club from December 8 to 10, earmarks a substantial prize purse of $1.5 million. This purse is structured to ensure all participants receive a monetary reward, creating a competitive yet rewarding environment.

Here's a breakdown of the prize money distribution:

First-Round Exits: Players who get eliminated in the first round receive $5,000 each.

Second-Round Exits: If players make it past the first round but get eliminated in the second round, they receive $10,000 each.

Final Round Qualifiers: Players who qualify for the final round are guaranteed to receive at least $17,500 each.

Top Three Finishers: The prize money increases significantly for the top three finishers:

  • The player who finishes first (1st place) receives $200,000.
  • The player who finishes second (2nd place) receives $150,000.
  • The player who finishes third (3rd place) receives $100,000.
  • Besides the prize money, these top three players also earn a spot to play in the 2024 LIV league.

Fourth to Tenth Place Finishers: Players who finish between fourth and 10th place get a special status that allows them to play in all 2024 events on the Asian Tour’s International Series. However, the exact prize money for these positions isn't specified.

Structure of the Tournament

The four rounds of the tournament go as:

Round 1:

  • All eligible players participate.
  • Top 20 players and ties advance to Round 2.

Round 2:

  • Advancing players from Round 1 are joined by players with Round 2 exemptions.
  • Scores reset.
  • Top 20 players and ties from Round 2 advance to the final day.

Round 3:

  • Takes place on the final day.
  • Scores reset again.
  • Part of a 36-hole finale on the final day.

Round 4:

  • Continues on the final day after Round 3.
  • Concludes the 36-hole finale.
  • Final standings determined, prize money allocated based on these standings.
2024 LIV Golf Promotions Event
2024 LIV Golf Promotions Event

Other Details about the 2024 LIV Golf Promotions Event

The event's schedule is aligned with other significant golfing events, sharing the week with the PGA Tour/LPGA mixed team event in Naples, Florida, and the DP World Tour’s Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa.

Players can qualify in a number of ways for the first round, and some hold exemptions until the second round.

Entry categories include members of certain cup teams, winners and runners-up of specified amateur events, leading players from various rankings and tours, and winners from certain professional tours in 2023.

Event invitations are also determined by the LIV Golf League.

Broadcasting arrangements are in place to provide global coverage through LIV’s partners, with specific streaming channels designated for viewers in the United States.

In the United States, coverage will be available via streaming on LIV Golf Plus or the LIV Golf YouTube channel. The broadcasting schedule for the United States is from 4-8 a.m. ET on Friday and Saturday, and from 4:30-9:00 a.m. ET on the final round on Sunday.

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