How is Cheyenne Woods related to Tiger Woods? Relationship between the two explored

Walmart NW Arkansas Championship - Round One (Image via Getty)
Walmart NW Arkansas Championship - Round One (Image via Getty)
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Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in history. Considered a legend of the sport, Woods is often referred to in conversations about the world’s greatest athletes. Not many know that the GOAT has a niece who is also a professional golfer.

Cheyenne Woods, the spouse of New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks, is Tiger Woods' half-niece. Although Tiger doesn’t openly speak about her as much, Cheyenne has mentioned her relationship with her half-uncle on multiple occasions.

Cheyenne Woods is close to Tiger Woods

The pro golfer is the half-niece of Tiger Woods. The two are close to one another but how are they related?

Tiger Woods’ father Earl Woods had two families. He married Tiger’s mother Kultida Punsawad following his separation from his first wife, with whom he has three children. Earl Woods Jr, Kevin Dale Woods, and Royce Renee Woods are Tiger’s steps-siblings.

ShopRite LPGA Classic - Round One
ShopRite LPGA Classic - Round One

Earl Woods Jr. is 20 years older than Tiger. The athlete doesn’t maintain a good relationship with his step-siblings. Cheyenne Woods is Earl Woods Jr.’s daughter.

Unlike the rest of the family, Cheyenne is close to her step-uncle. Cheyenne even spent Thanksgiving with Tiger in Florida. The LPGA Tour golfer often speaks about her step-uncle in interviews and has mentioned that she takes advice from him about golf.

Cheyenne has even openly spoken about her desire to forge her own identity and stop being referred to as 'Tiger Woods' niece'. The pro golfer has stated that she would like to be called ‘Cheyenne’ even though her ‘last name is Woods.’ She said:

"I mean, I get it — he’s one of the most famous human beings on the planet, and we share a last name, as well as a profession. But let me clear something up once and for all: I love my uncle, and I treasure the advice he gives me when we speak every few months, but I am not Tiger Woods. It’s exhausting to live your life in terms of comparisons.”

She added:

"By doing so, regardless of what you accomplish, you’re never going to appreciate your achievements. I don’t need to be the next Tiger. I just want to become the best version of myself. I’m very proud to be related to my uncle, but it’s not what defines me as a golfer or a person. Yes, my last name is Woods — but you can call me Cheyenne."

What makes Tiger Woods the GOAT?

Woods is considered the GOAT when it comes to golfing and he has the silverware to prove it.

With 15 professional major golf championships, a record that is just second best to the 18-time former great Jack Nicklaus, Woods is the modern-day legend of the game. He also holds 82 PGA tour victories, a record tied with Sam Snead.

Until November 2017, Woods was the top earning individual sports star. The 46-year-old athlete is currently a billionaire with a net worth of over $1.7 billion. He climbed his way up to be one of the most paid athletes in the world through salary, corporate endorsements and other income like social events.

While Woods is a legend of the game, he has also had a share of controversies in his 27-year career. Woods was often in the news for issues including infidelity and the infamous car crash that almost lost him a leg.

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