What brand golf glove does Tiger Woods use?

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Tiger Woods (Image via Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

US golfer Tiger Woods is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time. With a whopping 82 wins, he is tied for the highest number of PGA Tour titles with Sam Snead. The World Golf Hall of Fame inductee is also ranked second in the most number of major tournament wins.

With such an illustrious legacy, Woods has undoubtedly been the poster boy of golf. As in the case of all legendary athletes, every golf fan has been always curious to know more about him. From what he carries in his bag during tours, to which putter he uses or which brand of golf gloves he wears, fans want to know everything about Woods.

As for the last question, Tiger Woods uses Nike Dura Feel x Golf Glove, which is a premium synthetic leather glove that offers an excellent fit and grip. It is durable and breathable with more perforations on the fingers. The glove also features the addition of stretch fabric on the back of the hand for enhanced movement, and hence, this enables Woods to stretch his hand without limitation.

Tiger Woods has been associated with Nike as it's face and with the brand's golf section for the longest time. It was in fact one of the only brands to continue its endorsement deal with him after his cheating scandal came to light in 2009.

How many golf gloves does Tiger Woods carry?

Tiger Woods signs his glove to give to a fan in 2013 (Image via Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)
Tiger Woods signs his glove to give to a fan in 2013 (Image via Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)

Golf gloves are a subjective topic for golfers. Generally used during rainy days for better grip and to keep the clubs dry, their use is still dependent on every golfer. Some prefer playing without them, while others swear by them.

Tiger Woods falls in the latter category, as he carries multiple pairs of gloves in his bag during tournaments. Multiple is just a generic term for the astounding number of extra gloves that Woods carries.

He made this revelation while talking to Henni Zuel in a video for GolfTV in 2019, saying that his caddie Joe LaCava always carries two towels in case of rainy days since LaCava's former player, Fred Couples, played without a glove. But since Tiger Woods prefers using gloves, carrying a lot of gloves becomes the main priority.

"Now with me wearing a glove, it's about having enough gloves. I probably carry close to 15-16 gloves. Now whether I use them all of not is a different story. Once they get wet it's never gonna dry out especially when it's cool,"

Woods is a 15-time major tournament winner. In a somewhat weird comparison, this means that the number of gloves he usually carries is more than the number of major tournament trophies he has at home.

Golf fans all around the world are desperately waiting for the veteran player's return to the greens. Since his car crash in 2021, Woods has been giving himself time to focus on recovery and recuperation. In the tournaments that he did take part in, he hasn't shown the spark he was earlier known for.

But all is not lost yet, because another thing that Tiger Woods is known for, is making epic comebacks, right when nobody is expecting them.

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