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5 Best Barbell Workouts to Maximise Strength and Build Muscles

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Modified 20 Jul 2018
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All exercises contribute to improving the overall strength of the body. However, most of the exercises target specific muscle groups and need a tremendous amount of reps to show visible results. With the current hectic lifestyle aided by poor time management in the gym, this route might not yield the best results when it comes to building muscles.

It has been long been established that training with free weights is a great way to maximise strength. Barbell lifts are right on top when it comes to free weight exercises as they target a host of muscles and improve the overall strength of the body.

Include these workouts at the start of your training session and combine them with other isolated exercises for maximum efficiency. Do not forget to supplement it with a healthy diet.

Let us dive in deeper and shed some light on the five best barbell workouts that you could add to your workout routine.

Note: Exercise caution while training with heavy weights. Casual trainers and amateurs are adviced to lift them under expert supervision or with the help of a spotter.

#1 Barbell Shoulder Press

The barbell press targets a host of muscles, while also improving the overall stability of the upper body. It primarily targets the shoulders, traps and the upper pectoral muscles, making it a great exercise for strengthening the body.



Step 1: Sit on a bench with back support. Grip the barbell with a pronated grip that is slightly wider than the distance between the shoulders.

Step 2: Move the barbell such that it is in front of the body and in line with the shoulders.

Step 3: Lift the barbell towards the ceiling until the arms are straight and perpendicular to the floor. Avoid unnecessary movement in the torso while lifting the barbell.

Step 4: Hold for a moment and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: You could also perform this exercise while standing in order to target different muscle groups with variable intensity.

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Published 08 Jul 2018, 00:38 IST
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