5 Best Flat Stomach Workouts To Reduce Belly Fat & Get Killer Abs

LONG BEACH, CA. 04/10/13 John Garey demonstrates 5 different exercises at his studio in Long Beach.
Medicine ball slam is very effective in building a flat stomach
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Having a flat stomach is something that we all wish for, and there is no easy way to get there. Burning calories is key to having a flat and a slim stomach. Take out time from your daily routine and distribute it towards a training program to ensure that you have an active lifestyle. 

Moreover, have a dedicated workout schedule that primarily focuses on the abdomen region. Keep in mind that cutting the tummy fat and achieving a flat stomach takes a while and one should be highly persistent with their workout routine.

However, along with a highly focused workout, one should also ensure a healthy diet as a lot depends on the diet as well. Cut down on fats and high-calorie diets and include foods in your diet that are rich in protein content. 

Here is a list of the five workouts that you could add to your workout regime for a flat stomach.

#1 Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is a variation of the standard crunch and targets the abdomen with a larger amount of agility and precision.

Bicycle crunches strength your core, lower abdomen and the lower back. In addition, this exercise targets the obliques as the secondary muscle group. The bicycle crunch is a comparatively simple exercise and could be performed with minimal fitness equipment and by people of all age groups and skill levels.


Step 1: Lay flat on the floor in a supine position with bent knees. Put your hands behind the head. However, take care not to strain the neck while performing the exercise.

Step 2: Move the legs such that the lower part is above the ground, which completes the initial position of the workout.

Step 3: Lift the shoulders off the ground and slowly pedal in the air. Simultaneously, move the arms such that the elbows are brought close to the knees in an alternating fashion. Meaning, touch the left knee with the right elbow and vice versa.

Perform this exercise for the required number of repetitions.

Important tip: Do not rush through the exercise, ensure a perfect motion with a slow speed. If facing difficulties, you could even rest the non-moving leg on the floor rather than suspending it parallel to the ground.

Next up: Plank.

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Published 08 Jun 2018
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