5 Effective Front Delt Exercises To Strengthen Your Deltoids


The deltoid muscle plays a crucial role in shoulder movements, and it is quintessential that you train this muscle with a highly targetted workout regime.

The anterior, medial and the posterior regions are the three major parts the deltoid muscle. The anterior or the front deltoid muscle is responsible for transverse and rotatory movements of the shoulder. However, the shoulder is a highly complex joint, and one cannot perform isolation exercises that target only one part of the muscle. Instead, you could follow these shoulder workout tips that target the front deltoid with greater intensity.

Here are five super effective front delt exercises that you could add to your shoulder training program to tone your deltoids.

Note: Do not overload while working with free weights as it could lead to a serious injury. Beginners should train with weights under expert supervision. Additionally, focus on a proper form to avoid any rotator cuff injuries.

#1 Front Dumbbell Raise

Along with targeting the front deltoid, the front dumbbell raise also activate a host of other stabilisation muscles including the traps, biceps, pectorals and the rotator cuff. Moreover, with its simple motion, it could be even performed by beginners and casual trainers.


Step 1: Stand straight with feet placed shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells in both the hands with the palms facing towards the body. Position the dumbbells in front of the thighs in the initial position.

Step 2: With a straight torso, lift both the dumbbells until they are just above the shoulders. Ensure that the arms are fully extended and parallel to the floor. Additionally, the palms should always be facing the floor while performing this motion.

Step 3: Hold for a moment and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tips: You could use a barbell as an alternative to the dumbbells while performing this exercise. Rather than lifting both the arms, you could perform this exercise in an alternating motion.

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Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee
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