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5 Effective Shoulder Workouts with Dumbbells To Build Massive Shoulders

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Properly conditioned deltoid muscles are quintessential for having a healthy shoulder and a sturdy arm. Shoulder muscles are responsible for most of the movements that one performs in their day and is imperative that one trains all the three deltoid heads with a highly customizable and an extremely focused training program.

(GA) ---FE17FTWEIGHTS-- Lee Cherry, exercise physiologist with Strength from Within LLC demonstrates proper standing dumbbell press keeping your gaze forward and stay relatively still and exhale while lifting the weights. Glenn Asakawa / The Denver Post
Standing dumbbell press

Here is a list of the five best exercises with dumbbells that you could add to your shoulder workout routine to start building and conditioning them.

Like all workouts, exercise a little caution while working with free weights. Keep these points in mind while working on improving your shoulder muscles:

Train with heavy weights under expert supervision. Carelessness with heavy-weights could lead to a serious injury.

Always ensure a lot of variety in your workout program for better results. Work with exercises that provide a focused response on all the three deltoid heads of the shoulder.

#1 Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The dumbbell press targets the shoulder muscles with precision and is a great exercise for people of different age groups and diverse skill levels. In addition, the exercise targets the lower-back and triceps.

The exercise has a lot of variations, and one could perform it either by standing or sitting on a flat bench. Moreover, rather than using both the arms, you could use a single arm to raise and lower the dumbbell for enhanced variety and adjustable resistance. 


Step 1: Hold the dumbbells in both the hands. Position the arms such that the forearms are perpendicular to the floor. The dumbbells should be near your head. Ensure that the distance between the feet is approximately equal to the width of the shoulders.


Step 2: Slowly lift the dumbbells until the arms are fully extended upwards. Take care that a neutral grip is maintained throughout the exercise.

Step 3: Pause for a moment and return to the initial position.

Perform the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.  

Important tips: Casual trainers should avoid lifting heavy weights without expert supervision. People with back or elbow problems should exercise caution.

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