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5 Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff

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The rotator cuff is comprised of four different muscles that attach the bones to the shoulder and also form a protective shield over it. With the range of motion that it provides, the rotator cuff plays a key role in almost every movement that you perform in your daily routine.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – OCTOBER 4, 2012: Harley Pasternak demonstrates 'bent over reverse fly' exercis
Reverse Fly

This muscle group is in constant motion throughout the day, and with the amount of stress it is put under, there is a high chance of a tear or a trauma that could lead to extreme shoulder pain. This makes strengthening and conditioning of your rotator cuff a quintessential task. Moreover, this improves the overall flexibility of the shoulder joint.

However, take care that you do not overload your shoulder. Overloading the shoulder is not an effective way to strengthen the rotator cuff and could lead to serious shoulder injury. Always warm up before the shoulder workout routine and do not hyperextend the muscle.

Let us dive in deeper and take a closer look at five exercises that you could add to your workout regime and strengthen your rotator cuff.

#1 Pendulum

The pendulum not only strengthens your rotator cuff but also works to a great extent in conditioning other parts of the shoulder joint. With its simplistic nature, the pendulum could be performed by people of different age groups and diverse skill levels.


Step 1: Stand next to a table and place an arm on the table. The distance between the feet should slightly be greater than the width of the shoulder.

Step 2: Bend the hips towards the floor and let the free hand suspend freely. Shift your weight sideways and from front to the rear allowing the arm to have a free swing.

Step 3: Then, you could even move your arms in a circle for a complete range of motion. Ensure that the shoulder muscles are not strained while performing this movement.


Repeat the motion for a fixed duration of time and perform the exercise for the recommended number of durations.

Important tip: The pendulum exercise comes in a lot of variations, and this could even be performed using weights for a more intense training routine.

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