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5 Extremely Effective Chest Workouts for Building Muscle

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The muscle group found in the chest region contributes to a multitude of movements and improving them with highly targetted exercises is imperative for a great posture and improved upper body strength. Moreover, a strong chest directly strengthens the back muscles.

An effective chest workout can be done either by using cables, free weights or by simply using your own body weight. Each equipment focuses on improving different regions of the chest, and one should have enough variety to tone the entire chest with greater efficiency.

Along with an extremely effective workout, have a healthy diet and supplement it with protein powder. This should put you on the right track and help you in building the chest muscles within no time.

Let us dive in deeper and better understand the five super effective chest workouts that you could add to your training program to build mass.

#1 Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press offers a great motion that strengthens the chest with unmatched intensity. Along with toning the chest muscles, the dumbbell press targets the shoulder, arms and the triceps giving you a solid upper body exercise.

The beginner-level exercise could be performed by people of different age groups and diverse skill levels.


Step 1: Lie on a flat bench in a supine position. Hold dumbbells in both the hands and place them near the shoulders. The palms should be facing away from the head and towards the feet, while the upper arm should be perpendicular to the torso.

Step 2: With proper control and a firm grip, raise the dumbbells towards the roof until the arms are fully extended.


Step 3: Hold for a moment and return to the starting position. Take tremendous care while lowering the dumbbells as an improper motion could damage the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder region.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tips: Do not overload the weights as it could lead to a serious injury. Focus on higher reps over heavier loads. For better resistance, you could perform the dumbbell press on an incline-decline bench.

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