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5 Kettlebell Workouts For Women To Reduce Fat

  • Want to lose weight but do not have the time to go to the gym? Simply do these kettlebell exercises!
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We strongly recommend a kettlebell workout to those who wish to lose weight, tone up or increase their strength and endurance. The best part about using a kettlebell is that you can easily use it at your home or you can do it in between your gym session. It is flexible and rigorous, thus giving you a full body workout in no time. Let us look at some benefits of a kettlebell workout:

1. Using a kettlebell enables you to build your power endurance. Power endurance is basically your ability to do a particular movement for a long period of time. This further helps you with your day-to-day tasks and increases your efficiency in carrying out regular jobs.

2. There is no doubting the fact that a kettlebell workout works on your grip and your forearms. Forearms are a part of your body that are ignored in almost all workout schedules. However, it is one of the main parts in your kettlebell training routine.

3. The workout is so rigorous that your overall training time reduces manifolds. Most movements that you do are full body movements and hence a kettlebell workout is suitable for people who find it difficult to fit a workout session in their schedule.

4. Kettlebell workouts not only help you lose weight, it also helps you enhance your flexibility, your posture, your strength and your stamina.

Even though a kettlebell workout has these positives, you need to keep some points in mind:

a) Know your limits. You might just injure yourself if you try to go overboard.

b) The weight of the kettlebell matters. Be sure to choose a weight that is neither too heavy nor too light.

c) Kettlebells are extremely versatile in terms of how they can be used and what its price can be. Do your research before you invest in a kettlebell.


d) Reps are important but so is the rest and recovery period. Do not take either of them for granted.

e) Go slow and do not get into the difficult exercises at first. Build through it.

 Now, let us look at a kettlebell workout for women that will help them lose weight.

#1 Kettlebell Squat


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Step 1: Hold a heavy kettlebell in front of you and make sure that your palms are facing your body, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Keep your back straight and lower your body down by bending your knees. Make sure to push your hips back. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Step 3: Get back up and repeat.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps each.  

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Published 09 Oct 2018, 09:38 IST
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