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5 Amazing Shoulder Exercises to Strengthen Your Deltoid Muscles

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Before you begin your upper body exercises it is vital to know about the deltoid muscles. The deltoid muscle is a rounded triangular shaped muscle which is found covering the top of the shoulder joint.

Steve McQueen Working Out
Steve McQueen Working On His Shoulders

It consists of three sets of fibres namely anterior, middle and posterior. These three are connected by a very thick tendon. Its name is derived from the Greek letter Delta as there are similarities in their shape (triangular).

No matter how big your arms, chest or back are, an upper body just isn’t complete without well-developed shoulders. 

It becomes indispensable for you to make sure that you work on your shoulder muscles (deltoids) as these muscles take the brunt of your arm movements and also allows a person to carry heavy loads.

Deltoid strain is one of the most common injuries and is characterized by sharp and sudden pain. You can experience intense soreness and pain or tenderness and swelling. Keeping the above factors in mind it is important for you to do exercises that directly toughen your deltoid muscles.

Our body is like any other machinery where all parts have to be in sync in order to run smoothly. Many a time people overlook the shoulder workout but you should remember that it helps us in doing the other upper body exercises.

Having well built and maintained shoulders also play a big part in your appearance and it further enhances your structure and confidence. So, we look at the five shoulder exercises that will directly help you to strengthen the deltoid muscles.

#1 Shoulder Push-up

The shoulder push-up is a push-up variation that helps in increasing the strength and stability of the shoulders.


Step 1: Start with a normal push up position with both your hands slightly wider and elbows locked out.

Step 2: Now keep your hip in a curved position towards the ceiling making an upside down ‘V’.

Step 3: After this slowly lower the top of our head towards the ground.

Step 4: Once your head is about to make contact with the ground pause for about 2-3 seconds and then press back to the starting position.

Tip: Performing the exercise in a more upright position will target the shoulders more than the chest. Do 3 sets of 7 reps each. (Note: Keep your toes closer to the body to create a sharper angle and make the exercise difficult)

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