5 ways to pump lift the chest

Bench Press is extremely effective in building the chest muscles
Bench Press is extremely effective in building the chest muscles

Building a strong and chiselled chest must be on the wish list of every fitness enthusiast for it not only aids in maintaining a robust physique but also aids in a slew of movements performed by other muscles in the upper body.

To pump lift the chest, one must include a highly targeted training program that includes a perfect blend of exercises involving body weight and free weights. Furthermore, one must also include enough variety in their workout programs to avoid any further complications such as muscle imbalances.

However, before performing any chest workouts, keep the following workout tips in your mind.

1. It is best to have a healthy diet that is rich in lean protein for it is quintessential for muscle building and recovery.

2. Perform adequate warm-up exercises before any workout to flex the muscles and improve blood circulation to the target muscle group.

3. Exercise caution while working with free weights. Always aim to train with weights that do not cause fatigue within the first couple of reps.

Let us not wait any longer and look closer at the five effective exercises that one could add to their training program to pump lift their chest.

#1 Dumbbell Bench Press

This beginner-level exercise is extremely effective in toning all the regions of the pectoral muscles while also building the biceps, triceps and the deltoids.


Step 1: Lie on a flat bench and hold dumbbells in both the hands. Ensure that the palms are facing away from the body throughout the duration of the exercise. Extend your arms upwards such that they are perpendicular to the torso. The dumbbells must be directly above the shoulders.

Step 2: Gradually lower the dumbbells until they are just above the chest region. In this position, the elbows must be bent, and the upper arms must be parallel to the upper body.

Step 3: Pause for a second and return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tips: Keep the elbows close to the body throughout the duration of the exercise. For maximum efficiency, do not rush through the exercise and focus on a proper form.

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Edited by Kishan Prasad
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