6 Best Home-Based Exercises for Men

There are plent of home-based exercise men can do to entail several benefits. (Image via Pexels/Domagoj Bregant)
There are plent of home-based exercise men can do to entail several benefits. (Image via Pexels/Domagoj Bregant)

There are plenty of home-based exercises for men without the use of any fancy or modern workout equipment.

Being busy tends to be one of the most common excuses for not exercising regularly. However, with proper planning and a schedule, you can always make some time for exercise to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. You also don't need an overpriced gym membership to exercise regularly.

Home-based exercises might seem a tad bit confusing in the beginning, as you have to start without an instructor. However, they get fairly easy with some practice and a proper routine. Additionally, home-based exercises offer countless benefits, especially to men, such as reduced risks of chronic disease, boosted immunity, effective weight management, and more.

Best Home-Based Exercises for Men

Here are six of the best home-based exercises for men that can be easily included in your daily routine:

1) Jumping Jack

Jumping jack is the most efficient home-based exercise men can do without any equipment. This exercise targets your entire body if done correctly and provides numerous benefits if included in your everyday workout routine. This home-based exercise helps in weight loss and build stronger muscles.

Jumping jacks also improve the cardiorespiratory fitness of the body and build stronger bones. Additionally, this exercise helps men improve their stamina and relieve stress.

2) Push-up

Push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises men can do at home without requiring any equipment. This exercise largely targets the core region and chest muscles along with working on the shoulders and lower back. Additionally, push-ups enhance the posture and body balance.

This home-based exercise is very popular among fitness enthusiasts, as it helps in building greater stability in the core and shoulders along with boosting sports and athletic performance. Push-ups are also a great calorie crusher and help burn fat.


3) Cross Crunch

Cross crunches are one of the simple and easy home-based exercises that engages your obliques and abdominal muscles. These crunches are variations of traditional crunches and sculpt your waistline, build strength in the core region and effectively tone your abdominal muscles.

Cross crunches also entail numerous benefits for men, as they help in shedding fat from the stomach region along with reducing the appearance of hip dips. Additionally, this exercise also helps in giving a chiselled and sculpted look to your abs.

4) Dead Bug

Dead bug is another simple yet effective exercises men can do at home to reap its numerous benefits.

The dead bug is a simple exercise that stabilises the muscles of the back, spine and core with the simple movement of the exercise. There are different modifications to dead bugs you can follow to target and engage a variety of muscles.

Dead bugs are a good home-based exercise that also help protect your back by relieving tension and preventing lower back pain. Furthermore, this home-based exercise enhances the coordination and balance of your body.


5) Air Squat

Air squats are another efficient exercise men can include in their home-based workout routine. Just like other exercises, they don't require any equipment and can be easily done at home. Air squats help men build a strong foundation for balance and strength in the lower body. They target your glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.

Air squat can be an incredibly effective home-based exercise for beginners to boost power in the lower body. Furthermore, high repetition of this exercise can boost the cardiorespiratory fitness of men and improve their overall health.

6) Walking Lunge

It's one of the great exercises that target your lower body, hips and core region. There are different variations of lunges you can incorporate in your workout regime, according to the muscles you want to target.

Walking lunges are a great core workout that helps build strength in the lower body and improve hip mobility. This exercise also enhance the range of motion by building flexibility and body balance. Walking lunges is beneficial for everyone, from athletes and casual exercisers to fitness novices.


Bottom Line

Exercise is always important to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. No matter how busy you may be with various commitments, make a proper workout plan, and stick to it.

You do not even need any gym membership or equipment for the aforementioned home-based exercises. These are simple yet effective exercises that entail numerous health benefits.

However, before doing the aforementioned exercises, start with a warm-up workout to loosen your muscles and increase your heart rate of the body. You can also include stretching exercises for warm-up. That'ill reduce the risk of injuries and overstraining your muscles.

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