6 Exercises That Will Get Rid of Your Hunchback

(Image via Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch)
Exercises to get rid of hunchback (Image via Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch)

The bending of the spine due to abnormal curvature is called a hunchback.

That can be the result of several reasons, including sitting for prolonged periods at a desk, lack of physical movement, poor posture, or simply being on a smartphone for many hours.

Exercises to Get Rid of Hunchback

We have created a list of the six best and most effective exercises you can do to get rid of the hunchback:

1) Superman Exercise

Superman is one of the best exercises to get rid of hunchback, as it engages the glutes, shoulders, and upper and lower back. It can also help in boosting strength.


How to do this exercise?

Begin by lying down on the ground on your stomach, with your hands extended in front of you and legs extended to the back. Steadily, raise your thighs and chest, and head off the ground simultaneously while focusing on breathing deeply and stretching. Keep your pelvic muscles and core engaged. Release your body back to the floor, and continue.

2) Forearm (Low Plank)

The forearm plank is one of the classic exercises to improve posture by working on the muscles. It can help build core strength and get rid of hunchback.


How to do this exercise?

Begin in the conventional push-up position on the ground with your forearms pressing onto the floor and elbows bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed amongst your arms with your torso completely straight. Keep your glutes and abs tightened. Hold.

3) Wall Push-Up

Wall push-ups are also one of the easiest exercises that will work throughout the entire upper body, including anterior deltoids, back, abdominals, hips, pecs, triceps, and biceps.


How to do this exercise?

Begin in a straight standing position a foot away from the wall. Position your legs apart at hip distance, and place your palms on the wall at shoulder distance, with your body inclined. Drive your body to the wall, and pause. Press onto your palms, and push your body away from the wall. Repeat.

4) Side Plank

It's a good exercise that can help you get rid of hunchback by improving posture and building a strong core by working on the obliques. It can also help in reducing lower back pain.


How to do the exercise?

Begin on either side, with the forearm pressing on the ground and one leg stacked over the other. Elevate your body by engaging your core and pressing onto your forearm. Pause and continue on the other side.

5) Cobra Pose

It's an effective yoga exercises to build shoulders and back along with helping get a toned body. This exercise can also help get rid of belly fat and boost core strength.


How to do the exercise?

Begin by lying down on the ground on your belly, with your palms on the side and toes touching each other. Press onto your palms, and lift your trunk and head off the ground. Press your pelvic region on the ground, with your head in the air. Stretch the crown of your head for a greater stretch. Hold before releasing and repeating.

6) Cat Cow Exercise

It can help get rid of lower back pain and hunchback by stretching the spine and boosting blood circulation. It can also help relieve tension from the posterior chain.


How to do the exercise?

Get into a tabletop position, keeping good posture. Imitate a cat position by extending your spine and dropping your abdomen. Bring your chin towards your chest along with arching your spine. Continue the movement, and repeat.

Bottom Line

It's important to get rid of hunchback, as that can lead to serious problems like postural deformities or muscle pains. The aforementioned exercises are some of the best and most efficient ones to help get rid of hunchback and improve posture.

You can perform these exercises at home, and they don't need much time to be done. They can help in strengthening and stretching the muscles of the upper body and alleviating tight muscles.

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