What Is Dwayne Johnson Aka the Rock’s Workout Routine for Black Adam?

The workout routine of Dwayne Johnson for the movie Black Adam.(Image via Instagram)
The workout routine of Dwayne Johnson for the movie Black Adam.(Image via Instagram)

Known by his ring name 'The Rock', Dwayne Johnson is arguably one of the finest Hollywood actors and professional wrestlers of all time.

He has built an impressive career in both acting and wrestling, with his movies grossing over billions of dollars. Johnson will be preparing to enter the DC universe with the movie Black Adam. He has repeatedly mentioned that he wants to build a physique in the movie to raise the bar higher.

Through his Instagram activities, the actor has shared his training split for Black Adam, and we are sure it's going to be spectacular, as always.

So what does Dwayne Johnson's workout routine for the movie Black Adam look like?

Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock’ Workout Routine for Black Adam

In an interview, Johnson mentioned that training for the movie Black Adam is one of the most arduous he has ever done in his life. With his training split, Johnson wants to even surpass the physiques drawn by the illustrators and present the lesser-known characters more effectively.

Johnson teamed up with Dave Rienzi to build an exhaustive and comprehensive training schedule to help him get into the best shape of his career. He follows a strict training regime, where he works out six days a week to train his back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and legs. He considers the leg session on Saturday one of the toughest workout routines to follow. He starts his workout with a fast cardio session, and later in the day, he hits the gym for intensive training.

Like many fitness enthusiasts, Dwayne Johmson works a smaller muscle group with a larger one. For instance, training back and biceps or chest and triceps together. The intensity of his workouts remains the same throughout the week.

Dwayne Johnson’s Chest and Triceps Workout

Usually on Friday, 'The Rock' trains his chest and triceps with the giant set to build volume in his muscles. The giant set continually does the exercises with little to no rest in between. He works on his biceps on Mondays and Thursdays.

Johnson's chest workout starts with a giant set with a focus on these exercises: bodyweight dips, chest press, flies and chest press. He performs these chest exercises till he cannot go on anymore and then moves on to the set of exercises that target his triceps.

Dwayne Johnson’s Leg Workout

Saturdays are always reserved for leg workouts, which Johnson considers the hardest of all workouts. He starts the session with 20-30 minutes of stretching before moving to the giant set of workouts.

The types of exercises that are usually included in Johnson's leg session are barbell squats, chain lunges, leg extensions, compound pressing movements and shark pit squats.

After that, he moves on to the leg press exercises and completes the leg day session by working on his calves and hamstrings.

Dwayne Johnson’s Shoulder and Back Workout

From Monday to Thursday, Dwayne Johnson works on his shoulders and back. Just like in his other workouts, he combines four to five exercises to do the giant sets. Johnson says that these workouts can be challenging, but he likes undertaking new challenges and establishing new goals.

The shoulder workouts are designed to increase strength while maintaining shape and maximising muscle gain.

Aside from his workout routine, diet is also an important aspect of the 'Rock's' body in Black Adam. He says that one should not overlook the post workout recovery meals, as they're essential for the recovery of muscles and absorption of nutrients after workouts.

Johnson's Personal advice – Dwayne Johnson advises people to only train and focus on themselves rather than training to impress others. An individual should always be focused on themself rather than thinking about other people around them. That will help them achieve your goals and move forward.

Bottom Line

Besides the arduous training regime, a nutritional diet is also important for muscle recovery and calorie maintenance. Every seventh day of the week, Dwayne Johnson has a cheat day that includes anything from sushi to cookies and cheeseburgers.

Considering the amount of time and work Dwayne Johnson has put into Black Adam, it could be one of the best works of his career.

The emphasis of Johnson and Dave Rienzi for the training split is not only on aesthetics. They are also focused on strength building and the way the body feels after a workout. So the comprehensive training split of the actor is focused on muscle gain, volume, strength building and body shape.

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