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6 Effective Beginner Workouts At Home To Keep Yourself Fit & Healthy 

Anubhav Jain
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Given the plethora of information and the various schools of thought on fitness, it can be easy to find yourself in a state of analysis-paralysis during the formative stages of your fitness journey. “Where do I start from?”, “Which gym should I join?”, “Should I focus on cardio or weight training? make up a rather small subset of the host of questions that spring to mind early on.

Well, fret not! The following set of tried-and-tested beginner workout tips is designed to separate the signal from the noise and dispel any initial confusion you may have whatsoever. A gym membership is not a prerequisite; you can get started as early as today in your home, regardless of your current fitness level. Moreover, these home exercises require no fancy equipment; a yoga mat would be a nice-to-have but is not a must. Lastly, the workouts have been cherry-picked such that they maximize impact to all parts of your body.

I know that you are excited to hit the ground running; however before you get started, I would recommend a 5-10 minute warm-up routine to further enhance the effectiveness of your workout and minimize the risk of injury.

Without further ado, let's dive into 6 of the very best home workouts for beginners!

#1 High Knees


Step 1: Stand upright with your feet approximately hip-width apart.

Step 2: Drive one knee up in front of your body to hip-height, while swinging the opposite arm. Bring the same leg back down and repeat this same motion for the other knee.

Step 3: Once comfortable with your balance and form, gently pick up the pace and alternate knees with a hopping motion, while ensuring that the thigh is parallel to the ground when that knee is raised.


Sets and Reps: Once comfortable with the exercise, perform 3 sets in total going from 15 reps to 20 to 30 (each leg).

Important Tips: When bringing down your knees, do not rest your heels on the ground; instead, finish the descent on your toes. Contract your abdominals while performing this motion to engage the core. Keep your torso straight; do not bend or curve your back.

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Modification: If you are unable to complete this movement, try slowing down the pace by reducing the intensity of the hopping motion.


  • Improves coordination, which also improves efficiency while running
  • Optimizes flexibility and endurance
  • Strengthens the lower body (glutes, hip flexors, quads)
  • Improves overall cardiovascular health
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