Gal Gadot’s Diet and Workout Routine for Wonder Woman

Gadot followed a balanced diet and underwent intense training for Wonder Woman (Images via Instagram/Gal Gadot)
Gadot followed a balanced diet and underwent intense training for Wonder Woman (Images via Instagram/Gal Gadot)

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress who is most famous for her portrayal of the titular character in the Wonder Woman franchise. To prepare for her role. she followed a strict diet routine, trained like a professional athlete, and learned different types of fighting techniques.

This article will take a look at Gadot's diet and the workout routine that helped her get in shape for Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot Underwent Intensive Training for Her Role in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's lean figure with sizeable biceps was the result of six hours of intensive training at the gym every day for six months. Gal Gadot underwent two hours of gym workouts, two hours of horse riding, and two hours of fight choreography with Swedish trainer Magnus Lygdback.

Gal Gadot's gym training was a combination of cardio and strength training, which focused on the entire body. According to Lygdback, her training focused on building muscle and strengthening her body's core.

Her workouts included cardio routines such as HIIT treadmill sprints, assault bikes, and rowing machines, along with push-ups, pull-ups, and mountain climbers.

Gal Gadot's strength training included dumbbell raises, dumbbell rotation, hamstring curls, knee tucks, leg press, skate jumps, hip thrust, stable ball passes, cable biceps curls, skull crushers, and more. Supersets of these exercises helped her attain her superhero physique.

The choreography training helped Gadot perform several stunts in Wonder Woman, garnering praise from both the audience and the film's director. It also helped her get stronger, thus reducing the chances of getting hurt while filming the movie's action scenes.

Gadot absolutely enjoys rock climbing, which helps build muscle mass in her legs, chest, abdominals, and shoulders.

Gal Gadot’s Diet for Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot's diet usually consists of clean and wholesome foods with controlled portions. To prepare her body for Wonder Woman, she ate a diet that consisted of greens and proteins. Her choice of proteins usually included chicken, fish, and grass-fed beef.

The actress was wary of fruits and juices that are high in natural sugars. Instead of fruit juices, she ingested low-calorie high-fiber vegetables and green juices, such as spinach and kale. By incorporating good fats and complex carbs into her diet, Gadot ensured that she remained satiated for longer periods of time.

However, Gal Gadot's diet is not overly restrictive as she is a self-proclaimed foodie. Her guilty pleasures include junk food such as burgers and ice cream. Gadot considers food to be fuel for her body. That is why she limits her intake of junk food rather than splurging on it or completely cutting it off her diet.

For Gal Gadot, a balanced diet is as important as a workout routine because poor diets and inadequate rest reduces the efficiency of the workout routine by about thirty percent.

Gal Gadot's diet was crucial in her quest to achieve Wonder Woman's physique, as it helped her build the energy required for her intensive workouts. She was also comfortable knowing that she was not over or under-eating.

In recent years, Gal Gadot has taken Hollywood by storm with her roles in movies such as The Fast and Furious Saga, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Criminal, Death on the Nile, Red Notice, and more.

Apart from acting, Gadot also has a successful modeling career. She has been part of several international campaigns and has been the cover girl for brands such as Gucci, Jaguar Cars, Miss Sixty, Entertainment Weekly, Glamor, and Cosmopolitan. She is also a brand ambassador for Reebok and Revlon.

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