What Is the Workout Grammy Winner Carrie Underwood Follows to Stay Fit?

Carrie Underwood likes to engage in Tabata sessions & healthy eating to stay fit. (Image sourced from Instagram @carrieunderwood)
Carrie Underwood likes to engage in Tabata sessions & healthy eating to stay fit. (Image sourced from Instagram @carrieunderwood)

Carrie Underwood is a Grammy Award-winning singer and entrepreneur who, between her two little boys and her country music career, somehow finds time to work out.

Her secret? She doesn't make elaborate plans in advance. Her mantra is - just do something active whenever you have a free moment—even if it's only for 15 minutes!

For Carrie Underwood, getting in shape is a reality—no matter how busy she is. When she's not on a world tour, Carrie Underwood uses high-intensity 15-minute workouts to stay in shape.

Let’s take a look at her workout routine that she manages to pull off even when her days are slammed.

Carrie Underwood Workout Routine

Carrie Underwood is all about fitness, and her new app is no exception. Called fit52, the app encourages you to work out even if you can't go to the gym.

"The most important thing is to move," Carrie says.

Underwood engages in a 16-minute Tabata workout that alternates between 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest. This HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout keeps her heart rate up and metabolism burning throughout the day.

Tabata exercises are wonderful because you can do them anywhere—from your basement to the beach or a hotel room—and you don't need any special equipment to burn a lot of calories. In just 15 minutes, a 150-pound person can burn roughly 170 calories!

Underwood recommends jump squats, curtsy lunges, and step-ups on a high platform or surface with dumbbell weights, which we'll be sure to try.

She adds that she listens to her body and does what she's in the mood for on different days. During the holiday season, she'll lift more and do less cardio then, and make use of all those extra holiday food calories. During the summer, she wants to feel lighter and run, so she uses the temperature to lean up.

Carrie Underwood’s Diet

Underwood, a former vegetarian, recently shared that she is attempting to go vegan. She replaced breakfast with scrambled tofu and egg whites, for example. Or a veggie-packed vegan sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch. She might snack on a protein bar in the afternoon and then have vegetables for dinner with vegan chicken or a stir-fry with tofu. Underwood doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but if she craves something sweet, she keeps dark chocolate squares on hand.

Irrespective of whether to be a vegetarian or not, Underwood's fitness diet plan is a healthy and nutritious one. Her exercise routine, combined with the right diet, has helped her achieve physical fitness goals.

Carrie Underwood enjoys blending up smoothies for lunch. Her favorite combo is a post-workout beverage, but sometimes she also makes her smoothie her entire meal when she's rushing out the door for an appointment. She blends together BODYARMOR LYTE (Blueberry Pomegranate), beet juice, mixed berries, spinach/kale, protein powder, and ice until the smoothie is frosty and delicious.

Lastly, Carrie shared that she enjoys working out. While starting and sticking with a fitness routine can be difficult, she never gives up. She understands from experience that persistence pays off.

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